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MasterChef stars open Chilli Shack at Tasting Australia

If you’re a fan of MasterChef or chilli (or in our case, both!), then you’ll love Chilli Shack, which just opened at Tasting Australia in Victoria Square.

If you’re a fan of MasterChef or of chilli (or in our case, both!), then you’ll love brand-new Chilli Shack, which has just opened at Tasting Australia’s Victoria Square setup. 

The spice-focused pop-up is helmed by MasterChef’s Callum Hann and Themis Chryssidis and has a range of wok-tossed wonders. 

The food stall is serving up chilli crab, chilli prawn, chilli pork belly, and chilli mushroom and eggplant for the vegetarians. All of the dishes are served with an herb salad and egg noodles or rice as gluten free option, and we’re told the spice level is manageable. 

“It’s a subtle warmth that lingers but doesn’t burn you from this delicious chilli tamarind sauce that’s cooked using lots of shallots and garlic,” Chryssidis tells us. 

“The dish is all about the sauce and whatever protein you choose.” 

Hann and Chryssidis, who co-founded cooking school Sprout, have created Chilli Shack for the first time as an expansion of Chilli Crab Shack, which took over the Producer In Residence stall at the Adelaide Central Market last year. However, while that only served crab, the Chilli Shack has a variety of offerings.

The spice lovers haven is currently at Tasting Australia, but even after the festival ends on May 9, the Chilli Shack will continue onward. Going forward, the MasterChef spearheads are considering offering a range of heat levels and different sauces. 

“This is our first festival, so it’ll evolve, but we see it being done at buck shows, hen shows ,weddings, and other festivals in the future,” Chryssidis says.

“It’s a portable delicious food venture that sends out inspiring and zesty full-flavored food with pumping music, and we have fun doing it.”

Find the Chilli Shack on Instagram here, and on Tasting Australia’s website here

Chili Shack’s current pop-up is at Tasting Australia’s Victoria Square location. 

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