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Masterchef’s Rose Is Serving Perfect Falafels And Coffee At The Middle Store

The Middle Store is serving up what could possibly be the Lebanese brunch of a lifetime.

There’s a delicious aroma wafting through the Melrose Park ‘burbs. It smells suspiciously of lightly fried falafels. And hummus. And, of course, oh-so-delicious freshly ground coffee.

Welcome to The Middle Store.

The restaurant oozes comfortable simplicity, walled by windows offering its patrons and plants plenty of natural sunshine.

The real warmth of The Middle Store however, comes directly from the team of three siblings who run it. Entrance into the café almost feels like an initiation into the family.

And we haven’t even got to the food.

First thing’s first. The falafels.

Made in-house by sister Rose (beloved MasterChef contestant), these heavenly patties come from a tried-and-tested traditional family recipe.

Find them alongside pickled cabbage and onion, toasted zattar flatbreads or house-made kofta patties in a number of menu options.

Or as a side all on their glorious own. They’re that good.

If you’re not sold on the falafels (each to their own), never fear. The freshly baked sweets and treats are equally tantalising.

There is the perfect Lebanese winter dessert Kanafeh; a warm, creamy semolina and rose water custard, topped with crunchy cornflake crumbs. Or perhaps, if you’d prefer to stick to something more familiar, sink your teeth into a Honey Crackle Brownie.

Yes. It’s a thing.

Of course, you couldn’t possibly feast on rosewater syrup, labneh or cheesey flatbreads without a beverage to match. The Middle Store has you covered with some of the best coffee Adelaide.

The perfect prop to help you not-so-subtly brush the baklava crumbs from your chin.

Rose and her siblings are so very happy to be in operation as restrictions on dining are beginning to ease. At this stage, one-hour sittings are offered, and bookings over the phone are encouraged.

We wouldn’t want you to miss out on the Lebanese brunch of a lifetime.

The Middle Store is open Tuesday to Friday from 7am – 3pm, and Saturdays from 8am – 1.30pm.

They can be found at 118 Winston Ave, Melrose Park SA 5039.

Call to book on 8276 6000.

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