NEW RESTAURANT: Masterminds Behind Shibui & Devour Cafe Launch New Noi Vietnamese Eatery

For familiar flavours cooked up in a way you’ve never experienced before and a place you know you’ll be fed really well, you’ll want to check out Noi Vietnamese Eatery.


Photos provided by Thy Nguyen.

Goodbye what used to be — hello Noi Vietnamese Eatery. Wintry clouds are parting and the sun is breaking through, shining down on the lot that used to house old fave, Chopstix, where a new venture has blossomed.

The family-owned venue is being passed down from parents to children, with Thy Nguyen taking over from her father and launching a revamp of the place, alongside husband, Quang, and her siblings.

Thy and Quang are responsible for a few of our faves, namely ShibuiDevour, and Third Time Lucky, so we were excited to chat and see what to expect from Noi Vietnamese Eatery.

Chopstix already had a nice layout, Thy tells us, so all the venue needed was a little facelift. The team are bringing in a lot of natural wood, including some Tasmanian oak that they’re using to build a custom door themselves. With brass details and pops of sage green, the down to earth vibes will be real.

A preexisting feature, courtesy of Chopstix, is the indoor atrium, which is being upgraded to an indoor herb garden that they can incorporate into the food.

Thy tells us her parents were market gardeners, growing all the fragrant Vietnamese herbs and chilis used in their cooking. Lovers of Vietnamese cuisine know it has an emphasis on fresh herbs — and you can’t get fresher than grown in-house for use in-house.

Speaking of food, Noi Vietnamese Eatery will draw from authentic Vietnamese experiences.

“When you eat food in Vietnam, semi-street food or from vendors, there’s a lot of cooking over wood or charcoal,” Quang tells us. They have invested in a huge, custom wood grill for the purpose of cooking things properly and traditionally.

This method of cooking gives the food a different flavour, one inspired by the team’s roots and history. Thy explains how her parents used to marinate chicken wings and cook them up on a barbecue — and it’s these nostalgic flavours that influence the interpretation of Vietnamese food you can expect at Noi Vietnamese Eatery.

“We want an interesting alcohol menu to go with the food,” says Quang, so you can also expect a couple of beers making their Adelaide debut on tap.

We’re talking Saigon Special Green by Bia Saigon (Vietnam), Hanoi Beer (Vietnam), Angkor Beer (Cambodia), Beer Lao (Laos), and Suntory Premium Malt (Japan). Thy tells us they are also working with a brewer to make our own larger that will available on tap — beer lovers get keen!

With food just about sorted and the renos well on the way, we ask what the future holds for Noi Vietnames Eatery. Once the restaurant is up and running, the team will turn their focus to the function room in the back, which will offer a private and intimate dining space once its done.

For familiar flavours cooked up in a way you’ve never experienced in Adelaide before, and a place you know you’ll be fed really well, you’ll want to check out Noi Vietnamese Eatery when it opens this Friday.

Check out them out on Facebook. You’ll find Noi Vietnamese Eatery at 306 Glen Osmond Rd, Myrtle Bank SA.

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