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Matt Agnew, The New Bachelor, Had An Adelaide Fringe Show This Year (And You Missed It)

His season at the Adelaide Fringe just finished, so you’ve missed your chance to see him perform, but we’ve got all the details on what went down.

Today’s huge reality TV news has sent the internet into overdrive. The newest Bachelor has been announced as astrophysicist Matt Agnew.

While Matt hasn’t had a big public profile before now, unlike his predecessor, Bachelor & sports star Nick Cummins, Matt HAS had a show at the Adelaide Fringe.

Believe us, when we discovered he had been performing at Little Bang Brewing right under our very noses, and we had no idea, you could have knocked us over with a feather.

Raised in Adelaide and Perth, the 31 year old is on a quest for love – and friends it would seem.

His Fringe show was titled Interstellar Friend Request, and from what we can tell, it was a one-off show on Feb 26th.

Here’s the spiel…

Looking up at the night sky and contemplating the billions of stars in our own galaxy, physicist Enrico Fermi famously posed a curious and sometimes frightening question, “Where is everybody?” In this talk, astrophysicist Matt Agnew seeks to shed some light on some of these exciting questions: are we alone in our solar system? In our galaxy? In the entire universe? Come and explore where we might look for life as we know it, how we look at worlds beyond our own solar system, and what the chances are of actually finding someone else out there.

And for all those Bachelor fans out there, the Fringe website even gave us a little description of Matt – fabulous!

Matt Agnew is currently completing his PhD at Swinburne University of Technology where his interest in planets, habitability and life in the Universe has guided the focus of his research. Using Swinburne’s powerful supercomputer, he runs simulations of known planetary systems to determine where a habitable planet like Earth could exist. This provides a guide for planet hunters on the best places to look in the search for Earth 2.0. Beyond his research, Matt is a passionate educator and scientific communicator, and has an intense interest in space exploration.

We searched high and low, but there doesn’t seem to be any reviews of the show, so we can’t tell you if it was any good, but we’re guessing, if you love all things space and the universe, it would have been pretty amazing.

Needless to say, we’ll be tuning in to see how Matt fares. As a Fringe-veteran, and Adelaide lad, it’s our duty, right?

Find out more about Matt here.

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