Mayfair Bakery and Patisserie’s Kransky of the month is epic

This month you can enjoy a Rub Grub Hot Link BBQ Pork Kransky, with Jalapeños bell peppers and a high melt liquid cheese!

Pictured: One of their previous Kransky of the Month!

The Iconic Mayfair Bakery and Patisserie have recently celebrated 150 years in business which is an incredible feat.

They’ve kept a lot of tradition, which is part of the reason it’s such a special place but they also put out some pretty inventive products, like their latest Kransky of the month.

The Mayfair do different Kranskies every month. Teaming up with an artisan butcher from South Australia, the butcher provides them with a hand crafted boutique sausage and they wrap it in our flaky butter puff pastry.

This month is truly something special!

They are using Meat your Needs Rub Grub Hot Link BBQ Pork Kransky, with Jalapeños bell peppers and a high-melt liquid cheese.

Meat your Needs is a butcher shop based in Clapham that has a knack for providing quality meats for the low and slow style of bbq.

I don’t know about you but now I’ve heard about this Kransky of the month, it’s all I can think about.

The bakery is also set to drop some specials for Easter this month so keep an eye out on their Facebook page here for updates.

The Mayfair Bakery & Patisserie is located at 156 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide.


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