McLaren Vale Beer Company calls Willunga Brewery home

McLaren Vale Beer Company officially hits the ‘brew’ button at their new Willunga Brewery today. The company’s longstanding plans have now come to fruition, cementing a bright future within the craft beer industry.

The new four vessel, 35hL Diversified Metal Engineering brewery is now fully operational and will produce all keg beer in the current Vale range, including VALE/ALE, VALE/DRY, VALE/DRK and VALE/IPA. This new home provides the perfect playground for head brewer, Jeff Wright, to produce MVBC’s flavoursome, and sessionable range of craft beers for the Australian market.

The plan was set since the company’s inception in 2008 to open a brewery in their home of McLaren Vale. The first three years were spent building a passionate team of craft beer professionals and bringing a great product to market. The brewery has been the next, much-anticipated step, and since securing the site on Jay Drive in Willunga more than two years ago, it’s been head down, bum up for Jeff.  Anyone who’s built a new home knows there’s definitely sweat and tears…

“I can’t wait to pull up the bean bag and toast a big glass of beer with locals and friends. It’s been a long and hard couple of years but an incredibly satisfying ride. This brewery really amplifies the possibilities for us. We’re definitely in for an exciting future“, says Jeff.

“As a brewer, there’s nothing more satisfying than lining your toys up the way you like them and hitting the brew button. I’m all set now. All I have to do is keep brewing awesome beer.”

General Manager of Operations, Brand and Hospitality, Josh Stuart further adds: “The Willunga Brewery allows the company to hold a wider presence in the local community, whilst offering a more tangible story and focal point for locals and consumers. It further moves to reinforce our SA roots, with over 90 per cent of the team being of South Australian Heritage”.

“The brewery also importantly joins our hospitality venue, The VALE/INN Taphouse and Kitchen as a central part of the family in McLaren Vale and offers a distinct continuity between the local production of our great craft beer and the hospitality element of serving honest beer food to match”, continues Stuart.

The McLaren Vale Beer Company has experienced tremendous growth over the past three years, moving from a single man operation in 2008 to having more than 15 full-time staff under their employ in 2012. The brewery development serves as a key part of the overall growth as the company continues to increase its sales and marketing footprint and produce more great craft beer for the Australian public.

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