Meet Adelaide’s local business finance experts offering alternative loan solutions

Universal Finance Commercial is Adelaide’s alternative lending specialist, providing tailored and fast loans for all your business needs.

Established in 2004, Universal Finance Commercial Pty Ltd supports Adelaide’s business community’s financial needs by providing efficient, responsible, and tailored solutions for business loans.

When I spoke with owner and manager Anthony Marquez, he was keen to emphasise his team’s commitment to serving the Adelaide business community:

“We’ve been in Adelaide for two decades. We’re local, and our Adelaide client base has grown dramatically in recent years because we’re unique in the local market. Most other lenders specialising in our financing type are based on the East Coast.   We’ve found that Adelaide clients are different to our East Coast clients in that they like a more assured, personal relationship with their financiers.  They want to come into our office in Kent Town and sit with a cup of coffee to discuss their situation and requirements.”

“While most of our interactions are over the phone or online, we also meet quite a few face-to-face. We’re happy to engage in whatever way makes our clients feel most comfortable and confident.” 

“Our office is in a lovely restored 19th Century Villa on Dequetteville Terrace, across from the Parklands. It’s a very convenient location for our city and suburban clients who want to drop in for a chat and discuss all their options with us.”

When asked what financing his clients usually seek, Anthony replied:  

“There are so many products that suit a variety of circumstances that many people don’t even know about until we educate them and help them understand their fiscal position and business potential.” 

“Many of our clients have stayed with us for the 20 years we’ve been in business. We’ve worked with some amazing local companies throughout Australia that have gone from small traders  to really big companies by utilising our business cashflow products.” 

While big banks may offer high interest rates and lengthy approval processes, Universal Finance Commercial is a reliable and community-focused finance company that provides alternative and affordable funding options tailored to the needs of Adelaide’s businesses.

“Universal Finance Commercial facilitates alternatives for various financing needs and issues, from inconsistent cash flow to vehicle purchases, commercial office fit-outs, tax debt, and any other business needs.”

“If the bank either denies their application or takes too long to approve and settle, we can help.  Banks can often take up to four to six weeks to process an application, whereas we can usually settle within a day or so.”

“We don’t need financial documents since we have access to electronic bank data that we can easily obtain with our client’s permission.  We then enter their data files into our specialised software which can auto-approve transactions within minutes.”

“Once we’ve completed the assessment, we can approve up to $2 million in funding.  We want our clients to trust us and return to us for their ongoing financial needs. While the transactions are fast, we’re not in this for quick wins.”

A key offering from Universal Finance Commercial for Adelaide’s businesses is the Turbo Business Line of Credit.

This funding option provides fast and low-rate financing without extensive financial documentation, with approvals of up to $2 million and settlement within 24 hours in most cases, which would be a massive relief for businesses needing rapid financial support. That said, Universal Finance Commercial is not in the ‘loan shark’ business. Quite the opposite, in fact:

 “We’re not in the market of personal payday loans that feed off desperation. Our clients range from sole traders to big corporations, and as long as their loan is for business purposes, we are happy to work with them.”

This ethical approach has established Universal Finance Commercial as a reliable financing choice for the local business community.

The Turbo Business Line of Credit facility seamlessly integrates with a business’s bank accounts, providing convenient transfer and payment options while reducing interest costs.

Unlike traditional term loans, where interest is paid on the total amount, with the Turbo Business Line of Credit, you only pay interest on the loan balance and there are not penalties for early repayment. This results in significant savings for the borrower.

Always seeking to make life as easy as possible for their clients, the Universal Finance Commercial website is approachable and provides a generous sampling of testimonials from their clients, including this one from ‘James’:

“We were seeking urgent funds within 1-2 days for a new business contract we obtained we were turned away by all the banks, but Universal Finance Commercial and their staff were fantastic and got us the funds to start on schedule and at low rates. They really saved our bacon this time. We cannot thank them enough for their service and attendance to detail. Very professional operators.” . 

Whether addressing urgent financial needs or supporting business growth, Universal Finance Commercial’s commitment to providing alternative, responsible, and affordable funding options has made it a reliable partner for countless businesses in Adelaide.

For more information or to book a consultation head to the Universal Finance Commercial website

Universal Finance
Enquiries & Quote line: 03 9088 8369 (Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
3 Dequetteville Terrace, Kent Town, SA 5067

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