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Meet Don & Lawrie, Adelaide’s most experienced home brewers

You’ve got to hear the heartwarming story of Don, 98, and Lawrie, 100, who have decades worth of experience with Coopers home brews.

We all need some good news. And today, we have got a story that is sure to warm your heart!

This is a story of a rich history, an incredible friendship, and most importantly, classic South Aussie beer.

Coopers Brewery has shared with us the feel-good story like no other. It all started when Royston Park local, Don (98 years old) contacted Coopers Brewery on July 24 to let us know his friend Lawrie was due to turn 100 on August 14 2021, and that Lawrie had a passion for Coopers DIY Beer brews. Some would even say he was as an aficionado.

Lawrie brewing days started way back on Easter Saturday in 1974. Incredibly enough, he has kept records of all his brews, which you can see in the photos below. On December 11 1987 he did his first Coopers DIY Beer brew and since then has only brewed Coopers DIY Beer. That’s dedication.

Both Lawrie and Don have been brewing for over 40 years and shared their brews with each other and family and friends.

Lawrie mostly brewed lager but, ever the generous soul, he would also brew Coopers Pale Ale for his son-in-law. Don is a Pale Ale man and is also famous in his family for brewing “the best” Stout. Their differences don’t end there. Don prefers to bottle into stubbies, whereas Lawrence bottles into long necks.

The pair met at the Westward Ho Golf Club (West Beach) years ago. Don was the president of the committee, and they played golf together for many years.

Coopers Brewery immediately knew this story was one for the ages, and invited the pair to share their tales and love of beer with the Coopers team. They toured the headquarters and shared their incredible stories and their own top tips on how to get the perfect home brew. See the video to see how great this duo truly is.

For more Coopers news, head to their website. Or if you want to find out more about their DIY Beer brews, check out this website.

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