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Meet Hindley Street’s Newest Addition To The Small Bar Scene: Section 33

Attention those that like it loud and funky: Hindley Street has a brand spanking new addition.

Attention those that like it loud and funky: Hindley Street has a brand spanking new addition.

Section 33 is set to open its doors in a few short weeks and team Glam got the first look in!

On the corner of Peel and Hindley lies this underground gem. Completely inconspicuous by day, but the thumping baseline floating out of the doors will make it unmissable by night.

The three young gun owners aren’t strangers to the hospitality scene with other inner city fabulous venues within their repertoire, but this one is destined to be very different. When we asked what the Section 33 vibe will be we were told ‘Loud, cheap and a whole lotta fun.’

With walls adorned with giant bright graffiti pieces by local artist Jay Medlen, including one that states ‘Good Vibes Only’ how could Hindley Street’s newest venue be anything but? They’re throwing overtly fancy drinks with sky high prices out of the (non-existent) window and replacing them with tinnies, long necks and super quick house made cocktails.

Section 33 2

Our personal favourite? Espresso Jar-tinis. Pop a cube of ice into these bad boys and shake it yourself. Get that perfect tini froth with so much less effort and wasted time. Win! Plus with a handy lid to put on top, you can shake your tailfeather like Yonce with no worry of spilling this liquid gold all over your chic white attire. Double win.

The owners here are notorious for being relaxed, cheeky and fun and it’s clear their latest venue will reflect that. With capacity for just 100 heads there will no room for egos or buzz-killers. This is the spot you know you can go to have some good old fashioned fun.

Kick back in the ‘lounge room’ with comfy armchairs and flamingo-clad cushions or dance as hard as you can on the d-floor; whatever your idea of a good time – this place has it, free of pretension!

For those seeking a wild night out without breaking the bank, Section 33 will be it. It’s time to let your hair down, you know you want to.

Section 33


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