Meet Mishry, Adelaide Zoo’s newest red panda

Adelaide Zoo welcomed their newest member, Mishry, to the red panda family last month.

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Zoos SA is excited to announce that Mishry, a two-year-old red panda, has moved into the Bamboo Forest exhibit at Adelaide Zoo.

Keeper Laura Trollope said that Mishry arrived at Adelaide Zoo on 13 April after travelling from Taronga Zoo and spending fpur weeks in quanrtine before being moved into her exhibit.

“A lot of the time red pandas like to go up high to sleep in the canopy of the trees. Mishry does love to be up in the highest points of the tree all curled up. However, she is still quite inquisitive so she likes to explore her new exhibit and have a bit of a look around,” she says.

“Red pandas are endangered, with less than 10,000 individuals thought to exist in the wild. Zoos SA is involved in a vital breeding program for red pandas as well as playing an important role in educating the public about the plight of red pandas and hopefully creating a connection between our visitors and nature.”

Sadly, over the last two decades the number of red pandas has reduced by 40% as a result of poaching, hunting and deforestation, so Mishry’s arrival at the Adelaide Zoo is with open and loving arms.

Visitors to Adelaide Zoo will find Mishry in the first exhibit as they enter the Bamboo Forest. Adelaide Zoo’s Bamboo Forest, sponsored by AGL, is also home to fellow red pandas nine-year-old Ketan and fourteen-year-old Imandari as well as Giant Pandas Fu Ni and Wang Wang.

Red panda fans are encouraged to take part in Adelaide Zoo’s Panda and Friends experience where you can tour the Bamboo Forest before the zoo opens and see their adorable red pandas chowing down on their breakfast, before you enjoy breakfast of your own at Wisteria Café.

For more information on Adelaide Zoo’s Panda and Friends experience, click here.

Adelaide Zoo is located at Frome Rd, Adelaide SA 5000.

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