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Meet Port Adelaide’s new late-night pizza bar, Feeling Naughty

Feeling Naughty has opened in Port Adelaide, slinging homemade pizza and pasta, as well as 24 flavours of gelato inside its charcoal grey bar.

We hope you’re Feeling Naughty – because a late-night pizza bar has opened up in Port Adelaide – and it’s serving up slices of heavenly indulgence.

The new pizza bar, coyly coined Feeling Naughty, burst onto the Port’s scene in late February, slinging punters loaded homemade pizza and pasta, as well as 24 flavours of gelato inside its charcoal grey bar.

“It’s an old school gelato and pizza shop,” owner Gerald Xerri says. “People are really happy something is open after hours.”

“We started from scratch… we wanted it to be authentic.”

Treat yourself to slices of pipin’ hot pizza, layered in gooey cheese and a myriad of spicy and savoury toppings. Cooked fresh in-store, the aromas of the mouthwatering pizza fill the dark bar.

“It’s a bit different than a normal pizza,” Xerri says. “It’s cooked on stone, not a gas oven, and the dough matured for a couple of days.”

If pizza isn’t your thing, Feeling Naughty also makes fresh pasta in store. Slurp tortellini alla panna – tossed with bacon, beef and a creamy sauce – and chow down pumpkin gnocchi.

The Port Adelaide eatery also serves loaded hot dogs and a battered sausage, which Xerri describes as “monstrous.”

For dessert, take your pick from the 24 flavours of ice cream and gelato Feeling Naughty offers. Whether you’re a true chocolate lover or prefer something fresh and zesty, the new shop has the scoop for you.

Xerri says the best combination of gelato is a single scoop of chocolate paired with a scoop of lemon.

“It’s the original way, you’ve got tangy of lemon and the sweetness of the chocolate,” he says.

Other sweet treats to try include the housemade Nutella and jam doughnuts, and 100% ice cream-based milkshakes.

“Everything is pretty much homemade in our store, we take pride in our food,” Xerri says.

“I think good quality, fresh food and value for money make us unique,” he continues. “Everyone’s amazed, people are really happy with something new in Port Adelaide.”

Feeling Naughty is also set to get their liquor licence in the coming weeks, so soon you’ll be able to relax in-store, wine in hand.

Fresh on the Adelaide scene, Xerri and his family made the move to SA from Melbourne a few weeks ago, bringing their passion for incredible food and hospitality to the Port locale. After running Melbourne’s popular Snagz on Flockhart, Xerri decided to switch states and have a crack at Adelaide’s foodie scene.

“Port’s a diverse crowd – it’s going to hit high and hard in the next couple of years,” he says.

“The diversity is my favourite thing about Port Adelaide. I like to interact with everyone, I look forward to coming to work and having to live up to expectations.”

As for the cheeky name? Xerri says the idea derives from what an experience at the pizza and gelato bar is about: a night of pure indulgence leaving you feeling a little bit naughty.

“There’s nothing low fat in our shops,” he laughs. “When you want to cheat in life a bit, come here.”

Find Feeling Naughty at 91 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide from Wednesday to Sunday from 11am onwards. Friday and Saturday nights run until 11pm.

Keep up to date with Feeling Naughty online and on Facebook.

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