Australia’s Top 100 Innovators list features 6 incredible South Aussies

Forget the “rich” lists, this line-up is full of the creative, relevant, interesting and inspiring minds that all call South Australia home.

Feature image: Airspeeder.

Forget Australia’s “richest” list, The Australian have put together a list of Australia’s Top 100 innovators whose cutting edge ideas and innovative minds are making the future look that much brighter.

The list celebrates the best and brightest minds and covers all areas of innovation from energy and technology, to finance, business, software, education, medicine, health care, agriculture, food, retail, sport, arts and design.

And six of those incredible brains are from South Australia, representing the Festival State in pioneering projects and ideas, set to change the future of a number of fields including telecommunications and space travel.

Here are the projects and people we should be celebrating and following.


Bluethumb – Philip Slusarski, Edward and George Hartley

Bluethumb is Australia’s largest online art gallery. Started in 2012, with no funding and a huge mission – to empower Australia’s artists and open up the world of original art to everyday collectors – Bluethumb now boasts 11,000 emerging and established artists from Australia on its platforms, as well as partnerships with 20 of Australia’s most remote Aboriginal Art Centres.


Presagen – Dr Michelle Perugini, Dr Don Perugini, Dr Jonathan Hall

Presagen harnesses the power of artificial intelligence in the healthcare arena to improve clinical outcomes for all women. Presagen’s first product, Life Whisperer, helps embryologists select viable embryos for IVF patients.

It requires only camera images of embryos to assess their genetic integrity and means patients avoid invasive embryo genetic testing. Presagen has been approved for use so far in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam.


Myriota – Dr Alex Grant, David Haley

Born from advanced technologies developed at the University of South Australia’s Institute for Telecommunications Research, Myriota is a global leader in low-cost, low-power, secure direct-to-orbit satellite connectivity for the Internet of Things.

With its advanced satellite communications, Myriota has pioneered a new way to retrieve data from anywhere on earth, either on land or at sea and eliminate the need to use cellular networks.


Fleet Space – Flavia Tata Nardini, Matthew Pearson

Fleet Space is an agile space company aiming to connect “everything” using cutting-edge communications and space technologies.

Remote connectivity experts, Fleet Space made history in 2018 by launching Australia’s first four commercial nanosatellites.


Airspeeder/Alauda – Matthew Pearson

We’ve been promised flying cars for generations. Matt Pearson is helping make it happen.

His mission is to produce the ultimate performance flying car that will define a new mobility revolution.

Matt is the founder of Airspeeder, the first racing series for electric flying cars and Alauda, the manufacturer which will create the ultimate performance eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) craft.

It’s the next generation motorsport … the Formula 1 of the skies.


Cohda Wireless – Paul Alexander, Paul Gray

Cohda Wireless has established itself as an autonomous vehicle leader, supplying technology that enable vehicles to connect with other vehicles and intelligent infrastructure.

These connections allow vehicles to “talk” to each other, to Smart Cities, and to vulnerable road users in order to avoid accidents, reduce congestion and increase efficiency.

Cohda Wireless technology allows vehicles to see around corners, know where they are without GPS, and interact with traffic infrastructure seamlessly in real time.

For the entire Top 100 Innovators list go click here.

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