Meet The Brand New Floats For The 2018 Christmas Pageant

Not trying to alarm you, but it’s only 37 SLEEPS until Christmas Pageant day!


All aboard! Meet the two brand new floats making their debut at the 2018 Credit Union Christmas Pageant. 

Not trying to alarm you, but it’s only 37 SLEEPS until Christmas Pageant day (and well and truly time to crack out the Christmas tunes if you ask me). 

As always, the Christmas Pageant will be on the second Saturday of November – this year it’s November 10. Joining all of the much-loved floats of years gone by are this year’s newcomers: The Credit Union Pageant Express and The Gingerbread House.

Stretching 18 metres long, the brightly coloured Credit Union Pageant Express is a giant addition to the parade. The handcrafted locomotive, with a two carriage caboose, will carry 32 passengers who will wave from the train.

And celebrating some of the best foods of the festive season, The Gingerbread House was designed by artist Kari Lindsay, and took 12 weeks to lovingly carve and construct each character. 

Both of the floats were lovingly constructed by the elves at Stardust Castle.

And keep your eyes peeled – there’s still one more float to be revealed between now and Pageant day.

The theme for this year’s event is, ‘shining a light on kindness’, celebrating and sharing the good deeds in the community and focussing on the positive power of kindness. 

The Christmas Pageant is on Saturday November 10, departing from South Terrace at 9.30am once Sir Edward Hayward’s gold whistle is blown. 

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