Meet the egg-straordinary teen and his booming local business, Adam’s Eggs

14-year-old Kangaroo Island local Adam Willson established his own egg farming buisness in 2018, and now it has grown into a state-wide distrubutor.

When you think of a typical fourteen-year-old boy, you probably don’t imagine someone running a successful business. Yet that is exactly what Kangaroo Island local Adam Willson is doing. With the help of his family, Adam has turned his passion for egg farming into a booming business.

Owning a 930-hectare cattle farm near the Southern Coast of Kangaroo Island, Adam Willson’s family would have their lives changed following a visit from influential regenerative farmer Joel Salatin. Joel’s visit highlighted to the Wilson family, that they were missing out on a monumental farming opportunity.

As it turns out, chooks do very well when spending time in a paddock that the cattle have just moved on from. Both animals can help improve living quality for the other. The chooks get vitamins and nutrients from following after the cattle, while the cattle are healthier when they return to that paddock due to the nutrient-dense soil the chooks help create.

It’s a service thats of great benefit to farmers, so when a call for volunteers to run this new business went out, Adam surprised everyone by raising his hand. He was only 9 at the time.

Adam took to egg farming like a duck to water, his inspiration coming from Salatin’s educational visit and advice. In 2018 Adam’s Eggs was established, with a farming philosophy centred around sustainability and all-natural produce.

This egg-venture started off small for Adam and his family, who initially had one trailer equipped with nesting boxes for 130 chooks. Business has since exploded for the enterprise, with Adam’s Eggs now fielding seven trailers and 1800 chooks. 

Aside from the admirable farming practices, the quality of these eggs speaks for themselves. Adam’s chickens are about as free-range as you can get, moving between pastures daily. The eggs are laid in nesting boxes, which then roll onto a central conveyor belt to be packaged and sold. While this does mean some eggs cannot be sold due to breakage, Adam believes this allows the eggs to avoid contamination from water or chlorine. 

Adam has certainly established himself in the farming industry, and his produce has become a much-beloved staple of both Kangaroo Island and the mainland. His family sells about 50 boxes a week, with 15 dozen eggs per box. 35 boxes are sent to outlets in Adelaide, the other 15 are distributed across the Island. 

If the last few years are anything to go by, Adam will continue to be a rising star in the South Australian farming scene. 

To learn more about Adam’s Eggs and how you can get your hands on some, visit the Facebook page here.

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