Meet The Espresso Martawny – From The Geniuses At Seppeltsfield

If you’re a lover of espresso martinis, your drinking options have seriously levelled up this summer.


If you’re a lover of espresso martinis, your drinking options have seriously levelled up this summer. 

Espresso Martinis are getting a shakeup by Seppeltsfield, and SA’s latest cocktail is coming to an Adelaide bar near you.

Just when you thought the achingly delicious combination of espresso and vodka and couldn’t get any better, Seppeltsfield has gone all sophisticated, sexy and sumptuous on us with a bootleg version called – wait for it – Espresso Martawny.

While there are many versions of the espresso martini out there, this one takes a direct injection of pure Barossa fortified wine bliss – a cheeky addition of Seppeltsfield’s 10 Year Old Para Grand Tawny.

The geniuses at Seppeltsfield discovered by adding a dash into a classic espresso mix not only amped up the flavour, but the velvet-smooth texture of the tawny also allowed the coffee crema to form perfectly on top of the glass. Thus, the Espresso Martawny was born. Here it is in all its glory:

So what is tawny exactly? Technically it’s a wine made from a mix of shiraz, grenache and red mouvedre grapes, but the ‘fortified’ component comes from brandy spirit, which is added during fermentation. Tawny also spends a great deal of time simply disappearing into thin air. It’s stored in old oak barrels, which allows the wine to slowly evaporate. As the wine evaporates and oxidises, it turns a glorious mahogany-amber colour (tawny).

So let’s cut to the good stuff – what’s the espresso martawny taste like? Take the bold flavours of freshly brewed coffee, add in the creaminess of crème brulee, the nuttiness of hazelnut praline and the booziness of brandy-soaked raisins.

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You can indulge in an Espresso Martawny at its spiritual home in the Barossa, served at FINO Seppeltsfield.

Or, if a designated driver isn’t readily available, you can enjoy an Espresso Martawny at the following venues: 


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