Meet the SA ghee brand turning butter into gold

Lisa launched Australia’s only biodynamic and organic ghee softly last year, with OMGhee now available for in selected stores and online.

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When people are seeking a break from the craziness of life, they are often drawn to meditate, go for a walk, or sometimes read a book. Lisa Ormenyessy makes ghee.

“The process requires total presence and intention,” she said.

“For me, it’s my great pause from the hustle and bustle.”

Lisa’s love for ghee and decision to create a business from it stemmed from her childhood love for butter, and layering it on real thick, just like her grandma would.

“I’ve always loved butter but after delving into the study of Ayurveda [a natural medicine originally from India], I became aware that ghee is a healthier alternative to butter and oil.

Founder of OMGhee Lisa Ormenyessy

“Throughout the pandemic, I’d find myself in the butter aisle at the shopping centre, wondering how each brand would respond when transformed into ghee.”

After a lifetime of playing by the rules and a 20-year career as a business coach and consultant, Lisa took the plunge and immersed herself in the life-changing joy of making ghee. She began to test different brands to perfect the art of ghee, and before too long OMGhee was born. 

Lisa launched Australia’s only biodynamic and organic ghee softly last year, with OMGhee now available for in selected stores and online.

The spread makes a name for itself in being butter’s healthier sister. While it has butter origins, the butter goes through a process to eliminate all moisture and milk solids creating a lactose free, long shelf-life butter alternative. 

It has a high smoking point and many health benefits that make it perfect for cooking and offer delicious flavour too.

“Ghee can last up to 12 months in your pantry without refrigeration,” Lisa said.

“We source all our butter from Paris Creek Farms so it’s both organic and biodynamic.

“Ghee is perfect for sautéing, baking, frying or spreading on your toast. It’s a healthier alternative to butter or oil,” Lisa said.

Many cultures have long benefited from this superfood. In fact, ghee has been a staple in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for centuries before western medicinal concepts came into vogue.

It is a staple food in many households across the world especially in South Asia.

OMGhee is attracting the attention of ghee connoisseurs, foodies, and health enthusiasts, being tipped to become the next big food trend and must-have pantry item in Australia.

Widely considered a superfood due to its health benefits, it’s rapidly gaining popularity in the dairy-free, paleo, keto and general cooking communities.

“Everyone who tastes it says they can’t believe they’ve been cooking with anything else,” says Lisa.

“It takes me about six hours to turn the butter into ghee.

“Standing over the stove, watching, listening and smelling the glorious transformation of butter into ghee, the solids containing the milk proteins and lactose separate and the water slowly evaporates – the butter succumbs, or surrenders, into ghee.

“The result is a deliciously buttery, creamy product with undertones of caramel and butterscotch”.

Lisa said the new business not only allows her to combine her passion and career, but spreads the delicious product for others to enjoy.

Lisa is hosting a work shop “Learn how to make ghee your body will love” on March 13 to show you the magic behind the super spread. Find out more here!

OMGhee is available for purchase now from

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