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Mega And Modern Chicken And Chip Joint To Open In Hyde Park

Adam Liston, the chef behind Shobosho, alongside restaurateur Simon Kardachi are launching the chicken joint of our dreams, elevating the childhood memories of your local chicken and chip shop.


Chicken is life. So we can’t thank the heavens enough that a charcoal chicken shop called Joybird and described as “next-level”, is coming to Hyde Park.

Adam Liston, the chef behind Leigh Street’s popular restaurant, Shobosho, alongside restaurateur with a portfolio of 11 restaurants – Simon Kardachi – have come together to launch the chicken joint of your dreams, taking all your childhood memories and elevating them to something Adelaide hasn’t seen before.

Set to be a 120 seater venue, Adam says it’s their modern take on the classic chicken and chip shop. But with high tech equipment to boot, including a $45,000 custom grill that will cook the chickens, butterflied and grilled in baskets over coals (and you’ll be able to choose from three types of seasoning – dry rub, honey soy and a Balinese-style yellow curry).

“Basically, it’s a retro chicken and chip shop with a worldly approach. Remembering as a kid having chicken and chips as takeaway, which I now take my daughter to once a week. We’re trying to recreate that but with different flavours, roasted potatoes, and heaps of salads”, Adam says

Joybird have posted a teaser on their Instagram page, showing us what we can expect. There’s everything from charcoal & wood fired split BBQ chickens, chicken fat roast potatoes, al pastor sandwiches, new style toasted yiros, and of course the selection of beer, wine and cocktails. Now that’s enough to make anyone salivate!

A teaser of some of the Portguese-style chicken we can expect from Joybird.

Located where Greek restaurant Zoe’s Restaurant used to be, which then turned into Plato’s Philosopher’s Kitchen, Joybird now has the prime location of the large corner site in Hyde Park, a perfect spot for Adam and Simon to focus on their chicken and chips revolution.

Slated to open in August 2019, Joybird will be located at 164 King William Road, Hyde Park 5061.

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