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Melba’s Are Selling A Social Distancing 1.5m Log of Chocolate

Melba’s have created the sweetest solution to help you maintain adequate social distancing

SA chocolate makers, Melba’s have developed the perfect solution for helping you maintain a 1.5m space between yourself and others, a literal 1.5m tube of chocolate.

Taking to their social media channels, the Woodside-based chocolatier announced the incredibly-apt chocolate in a short video featuring one of their employees.

“We’re really pleased that regional travel is being allowed, but we are slightly concerned that people aren’t going to adhere to social distancing practices, so we’ve got a product just for you,” the Melba’s team member says in the video.

Hot off the press, there are three 1.5m social distancing tubes to get your hands on, two of the tubes contain an assortment of Melba’s favourites including milk chocolate rocky road, dark chocolate almonds, chocolate freckles, raspberry bullets and much more.

If you’re picky when it comes to your chocolate (who isn’t?), for $15 you can even buy an empty 1.5m tube to fill up with your fave Melba’s goodies-or simply use it as a tool to make sure others are keeping their space.

The tubes are also accessible from both ends-making them a safe treat to share with a friend during these times.

Sadly, due to their imposing size, the 1.5 m chocolate logs are only available for those who are based in SA.

So, if you’re in SA and like to get your hands on the sweetest must-have of the year, head to Melba’s website or take a scenic jaunt to their factory at 22 Henry Street, Woodside.

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