Melt Pizzeria CBD Top Pick To Get You Started On A Night Out

Melt Pizzeria CBD: Top Pick To Get You Started On A Night Out

Melt CBD offers infectious energy, beats, and pizza, to get you excited for your night out.


We’re always on the lookout for a place to eat before a night out. We don’t want to go someplace too expensive and leave no cash for drinks. But nobody wants to go to eat out at a fast food place dressed up to paint the town red. Once again, Simon Kardachi, owner of Bread & Bone, Osteria Oggi and more, has come through for Adelaide, with Melt Pizzeria, located pretty much smack bang in the middle of the CBD.

Melt CBD manager Ben Kelly emphasizes the menu isn’t too heavy – because hey, you don’t want to end up in a food coma before you head out.

Its location on Waymouth Street speaks to its convenience and the atmosphere is energetic and infectious – it’s like a hype team, getting you excited for the rest of the night. Ben describes it as a, “vibrancy that other venues don’t have – it’s got a unique energy to it – the atmosphere, aesthetics, the attitude of the staff, haven’t been done before.” Melt is the perfect start before you head down to Peel St (possibly to Kardachi’s Maybe Mae) or over to Adelaide Oval for a footy game or a concert (if you need an excuse, Midnight Oil is playing in October and both Adelaide football teams are currently in the top 5.)

Ben is particularly fond of the atmosphere on a Friday and Saturday night. “It’s upbeat,” he says, “it preps you for a good evening – especially through the music. The music is a broad range of 80’s and 90’s music, to mod, to hip-hop. The staff help you have a good time and you leave you having been served well, having eaten well, and you’ve had a good time. You’re set up for the rest of the night.”

Not only is there pizza (Glam recommends Queen Margarita and The Jamon), but you can enjoy sides of tapas (including the staple items of baked gnocchi, hummus with ground lamb, and what we assume is everyone’s favourite, the fried haloumi) salad, and cocktails. You can even finish with dessert pizzas. They’ve also has a monthly pizza special, highlighting the chef’s innovation and to inspiring the regulars to try something new.

Although there are tables for pairs and small groups, there’s also the Vault: an intimate setting for parties of up to six and the upstairs area is ideal for larger groups and functions. Ben says, “It’s cutting edge – you can see what everyone’s doing, from making drinks, to seeing pizzas being prepped. The staff are becoming part of the theatre and visuals of the restaurant.” You can have groups catered with a share menu, as Melt encourages the communal dining experience.

Melt CBD is located at 38 Waymouth Street, Adelaide.

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