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Men Wanted! BBQ to Boardroom, Nominations open

Nominations are now open for successful men in business to participate in the exclusive BBQ to Boardroom book.


Nominations are now open for successful men in business to participate in the exclusive BBQ to Boardroom book.
Following on the success of its sister publication, “Lounge to boardroom – Inspirational women in business”; BBQ to Boardroom is a prestigious coffee table book all about celebrating the unsung male heroes of South Australia.

We are looking for 100 men who have had a positive impact on the business and community landscape of South Australia.

Says Ashley Knoote-Parke, publisher “we are looking for men with heart & soul, who have made a difference to the business landscape and the community and this is not so much about their business rather their stories of triumphs, challenges, lessons learnt – that have shaped to become the men they are today. We are also looking for those that inspire others to keep going. Men who really just go along minding their own business and don’t think that what they are doing is a huge deal and who really have no idea of the impact they are making on those around them, I call them the unsung heroes, that’s who we are looking for to grace the pages of this book.”
So, If you are a man in business, a leader of the community, a change champion, an inspiration, a man of outstanding achievements or have unequivocally altered the business landscape of South Australia for the better we want to hear from you!

We are looking to showcase men across the board from all industries and professions; big, small, corporate, entrepreneurs, agriculture, mining, professionals, not for profits you name it, a true snapshot of what’s really going on the ground in South Australia.
BBQ to Boardroom is a powerful PR tool, great for media exposure, even more brilliant for building instant networks and relationships.  Our goal is to profile 100 men in the book with over 10,000 books being distributed to potentially new business connections. This will allow us to donate $50,000 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia.

The book was inspired by Knoote-Parke’s experience as a loud, quick-thinking émigré from volatile South Africa who, when she landed here, was taken aback by the reluctance of the men and women of this State to tell the world about their achievements.
“So I decided to tell the world for them,” said Knoote-Parke, “and Lounge to Boardroom and BBQ to Boardroom was born. These are stories that will inspire you to succeed whatever your circumstances or how tough you think you’ve got it now!”
Nominations close in 4 weeks time, so get in early and don't miss your spot in this exclusive publication and be part of history!
Nominate yourself or others. Go to and click on the nominate button.

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