Men's Style: 16 Things That Will Change When You Dress Well

Men’s Style: 16 Things That Will Change When You Dress Well

Clothes do MAKETH the man, regardless what people say. Here’s a tongue-in-cheek look at the man who has his style sorted.


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover? Well ultimately most of us do.

Clothes DO maketh the man. Granted you need some substance & personality on the inside but the wrapping needs to be something worth looking at too right? So with tongue-in-cheek let’s look at the top fifteen things that magically change in your life when you put some effort into your appearance lads.

1. People smile at you more often and strangers will compliment your style.

2. You get that job, or raise or love interest.

3. Your guy friends may make fun of you in the beginning, yet soon they will solicit style advice.

4. You become interested in closets and their size.

5. You will iron shirts better than your mother.

6. You buy more accessories, and get rid of the shiny $5 silk ties you had since you were a teenager.

7. You realize sunglasses are not just functional but different kinds work better with certain outfits than others and are part of ‘the look’.

8. You begin to understand the power of appearances.

9. You don’t mind being overdressed, in fact you are proud of it.

10. You realize one can never have enough ties.

11.  Your significant other has to wait for you to leave the house.

12. The wire hangers you get from the dry cleaners become unacceptable and you upgrade to fine suit hangers with a wide shoulder pad for your jackets and suits.

13. You develop an interest in cuff links and french cuff shirts.

14. You look forward to cold winters so you can wear your heavy overcoat, gloves, and scarves.

15. You need to reorganize your clothes storage space, and you now want shoe racks.

16. You discover that a belt actually stops your jeans hanging down below your underwear.

Now go, be stylish!

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