Men’s Suits: The Latest Styles And Trends For 2016

For the gentleman who wants to look so damn suave, get the latest on what’s hot in men’s suits here…

The saying goes that ‘the clothes make the man’. And that statement is now more true than ever because looking good means feeling good. Now we aren’t men but we can imagine that nothing feels much better than getting suited up in the perfectly tailored suit. Hello boss!

We hit up Australia’s fave tailor Institchu to find out the latest styles and trends in men’s suits:

The Comeback of the Cuban Collar

We love a comeback! After being extremely popular in the 1950s, especially during Summer when the temperatures soared, the high collar may look rather ‘business-like’ but it is also super comfortable! The Cuban collar is back on the runways, after being a prominent picture in the fashion shows of Valentino and Louis Vuitton, so fellas, get some Cuban in your wardrobe!

The Surprising Colour 

We are seeing grey everywhere these days and it is no surprise that this is also a hot colour in suits. Amazingly versatile, you can have some fun with your accessories!

Get Your Green On

Not so keen on grey? Well that’s ok because there is another colour on the trendy block that also starts with ‘g’. Green. Yes, green suits! Don’t judge until you try because they actually look amazing done right.

Previously we might have seen the same tone in jacket and pant but this season it is all about mixing it up. Wear a dark green suit jacket (see here) with light green trousers.

Baggy for More Comfort

We don’t know many men who actually enjoy wearing tight pants. Luckily for the fellas out there, this is reflected in the suit trends for 2016. Many designers, including Fendi and Giorgio Armani, showed off looks with baggy suit trousers on the catwalk.

The slouchy cut has always been the preferred trouser cut for most men and now it is on trend!

Get Familiar with Chinese Influences

Eastern influences in fashion is nothing new. And this year it is all about the Chinoiserie, which is basically a pattern with a Chinese influence.

The Chinoiserie influence was all over the catwalks of Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Valentino. Even though these types of suit patterns are probably not recommended for your business meeting, they can be great for a social event.

The Return of the Anorak

Want to stand out from the crowd? Then the anorak cut suit jacket should be your jam! It is also suited to the man who likes a jacket to work with everything. If you like to wear a suit jacket over your jeans, with chinos etc.

Explore more tailored suit options here.

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