Meze Mazi opening takeaway shop next door in studio -gram fitted venue

Meze Mazi owner, Andrew Papadakis is opening a takeaway shop next door in a sleek, studio-gram fitted venue.

Image courtesy of Meze Mazi

Meze Mazi owner, Andrew Papadakis, can only laugh when I ask him what drove him to open a takeaway joint next door to his almost five-years-old Greek restaurant.

“I wanted a bit more stress,” he says.

While it’s a very fitting response to opening a venue in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, there was a catalyst which led Andy to embarking on opening Dino’s Prospect.

The space next door to Meze Mazi previously housed Retrovintique, an antique shop that shuttered blinds in June, and is in the process of moving online.

The opportunity, simply too good not take up on, led to a final question; what to do with the space?

Initially, plans were formed to expand Meze Mazi, then a burger joint idea was in place.

Finally, Andy settled on a takeaway shop.


Dino’s will undoubtedly have the same essence as Meze Mazi, whose head chef and owner both migrated to Australia in their late 20s.

“My chef, Nick Marinos’ food is very good, that’s how it’s successful, it’s real Greek food,” he says.

Nick will continue serving Meze Mazi’s beloved fare, while chef Richie Wilkins will be moving next door to head, manage, and take over operations at Dino’s.

The food will have a Cyprus-inspired edit, with a flatbread pocket pita used in lieu of a wrap.

“The Cypriots use pockets with standard fillings, we’re going to try it a bit differently with slow-cooked meats, falafels, and fried chicken,” he says.

“I just say it’s between a yiros, a bao bun, a Vietnamese roll, a burger, and everything else, it’s just something that we haven’t seen a lot of.”

Salad bowls, sides, chips, desserts, and a pocket-less alternative (to be GF friendly) will round off the menu.

Additionally, Dino’s will offer a drinks menu featuring cocktails, beers on tap, and cocktails using Greek classics, Mastiha and Vermouth.

Dino’s will be small, with a capacity for 20 indoors, and some outdoor seating. With studio -gram appointed on the design front, Dino’s will join the firm’s stellar portfolio of sleek venues.

In the summertime, the shop will be a fantastic takeaway pick, or a stop-for-a-drink joint.

While December has been slated as a prospective opening for Dino’s, Andy says that they won’t be rushing this project.

Until Dino’s opening, experience Meze Mazi’s hospitality at 86B Prospect Rd, Prospect.

For more info, head to http://www.mezemazi.com/.

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