Ming Chiu and Katie Spain host ‘The Power of Peking Duck’ this month

An extraordinary culinary gathering will honour the influence of food at the beloved Gouger Street establishment, Ming’s Palace, this month.

Ming’s Palace is an iconic part of Gouger Street, known as much for its delicious food, as it is for its founder Ming Chiu. Now you have the chance to get some insight into the incredible story behind the restaurant, and Ming, as part of South Australia’s History Festival: “The Power of Peking Duck” hosted by Katie Spain.

Ming Chiu’s popular Cantonese eatery, Ming’s Palace, stands as an Adelaide icon. Since its opening in 1989, it has held the title of the longest-standing Chinese restaurant on Gouger Street, captivating Adelaide’s dining landscape with Ming’s famed Peking Duck and Fortune Chicken.

This Wednesday night, May 29th, Ming will be having a chat with food writer Katie Spain about his history, and his legendary food, at a dinner which will showcase these celebrated dishes alongside other favourites from Ming’s Palace.

In collaboration with South Australia’s History Festival and the History Trust of South Australia, “The Power of Peking Duck” offers South Australians an opportunity to learn about this dish and discover how food served as a bridge for Ming from China to Adelaide, where he studied at Regency TAFE.

Ming and Katie will explore the dish’s historical significance, its impact on Gouger Street’s dining scene, and all the people who have visited Ming’s Palace over the past three decades.

“Conversations about a person’s journey from their faraway homeland to Australia are often the most interesting and enlightening. Add food, history, and culture to the mix and you’ve got something special,” Katie Spain said.

“The Gouger Street restaurant played such a pivotal role in introducing many of us to the flavours of Ming Chiu’s Cantonese origins. I remember dining there as a child with my grandparents and being gobsmacked by the food on the plate and the motley crew of South Australians around each table. It was a cultural melting pot, and it still is today.

“I can’t wait to put Ming and his Peking duck in the hot seat and uncover some of the untold
stories behind the restaurant, the dish, and Adelaide’s colourful culinary past.”

“The Power of Peking Duck with Ming Chiu and Katie Spain” is presented with pride in partnership with South Australia’s History Festival 2024 and the History Trust of South Australia.

“The chance to celebrate the vibrant food history of Gouger Street is an opportunity too good to miss,” says the History Trust’s Manager, Major Events, Dane Wilden.

“Adelaide’s food and wine culture is world-renowned; it’s a product of thousands of migrant stories, just like Ming’s. We’re delighted to be able to share and celebrate the history of Chinatown’s longest-running restaurant, Ming’s Palace, with the South Australian community.”

Outside of the celebration, Ming and Katie participated in the History Festival’s Portraits of Power initiative. The project aims to showcase power through 100 portraits featuring both prominent figures and everyday individuals from SA.

You can spot these portraits on Stobie Poles across the state as part of the 100-year celebrations of this South Australian icon, in collaboration with SA Power Networks.

The Power of Peking Duck with Ming Chiu and Katie Spain
Where: Ming’s Palace, 157-159 Gouger Street
When: Wednesday 29 May, 6pm-9pm
For more information, click here.

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