Missing The North Terrace Fringe Illuminations? Then Check This Out…

This will be like music to your ears (or eyes in this case)…

The Fringe Illuminations that lit up North Terrace as part of this year’s Adelaide Fringe were pretty spectacular, to say the least. So it was pretty sad to see them go…

But not everything has gone to the darkside (Star Wars reference totally intended) on the city’s beautiful strip. Bold and beautiful bright lights, and movie like images are still playing on the walls of the State Library of South Australia.

State Library

And guess what? It will be happening every night, forever!

It is all part of the Library’s Story Wall – the first permanent projection on a library wall anywhere in the world, featuring a changing interactive menu of stories from the depths of library archives.

Currently, just to run with the Festival theme in the city at the moment, you will still spot the Adelaide Fringe amongst the stories. Well it is Mad March!

State Library

As the Fringe draws to a close, there is a great opportunity to snap a Festival memory in front of the Fringe Posters story. All of the bold Adelaide Fringe posters that have been reated over the decades are shining bright on the wall. It is just one of the many great stories that have been created for Story Wall by the clever people over at South Australia’s own illuminart.

The incredible  illuminart team.

The incredible illuminart team.

We can’t wait to see the next Story Wall!

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