MOD announces epic launch party for its new mind-boggling sensory exhibition

Celebrating its newest exhibition, INVISIBLE, MOD are inviting you on a sensory journey to encounter unique experiences all in line with invisibility.

What do we miss when we’re not looking? Who are the people we don’t notice? What becomes visible when we start paying attention?

These are the questions being asked as part of the Museum of Discovery’s latest exhibition, INVISIBILITY.

Pulling back the curtain on the parts of the world we normally miss, the University of South Australia’s MOD wants to help you see what becomes visible when we start paying attention.

And while the exhibition may have already officially started, the old “better late than never” saying is relevant in this scenario with the launch party running just a tad behind. But, good things to come to those who wait!

Happening on May 20th, MOD is inviting you to join them on opening night and encounter unique experiences all in line with invisibility. Food is not as it appears, magicians who control our attention to render things invisible, glow in the dark drinks and invisible sensory experiences.

Senior Exhibition Manager Dr. Lisa Bailey said “INVISIBILITY might make us feel safe, if we can control how our data is seen and collected by others say, but it can also be dangerous.

“Leaving people unheard, problems ignored, or decision making opaque. The artists we’ve worked with have responded to these ideas in creative and interactive ways, and our late launch event is the perfect opportunity to explore.”

Immerse yourself in the exhibition, music, performers and activities all in the theme of invisibility. Entertainment and catering by DJ cazeauxoslo, Magician, Matt Brandwood, Techspace, 48 flavours, Foodlore , Miracle fruit and Gomersal Wines.

the new exhibition shines a spotlight on the unseen to help us better understand the world around us.

Join us as we time travel underground, delve into the tech monopolies controlling our lives, and slow down to notice the importance of the land around us.

A place to be inspired by science, art, and innovation, the Museum of Discovery is like no other museum in Australia.

This free event is open to all-ages with those over 18 required to wear a wristband for alcohol service.

Running for three hours, the launch event is set to be a sell out so pre-registering your place is highly recommended. All guests will receive a complimentary ice-cream and gin tasting (if over 18). Additionally, registered ticket holders will gain free entry to Lion Arts Factory ‘No Scrubs 90s + Early 00s Night.

The launch party is happening Monday May 20th at MOD. North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

Register for tickets here and for more information visit their website.

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