Monarto Safari Park’s Rhino Management Centre nears completion

The rhino enclosure spans 40kms and will be home to Monarto’s Southern White Rhino population in the near future once completion is finished.

Images: Monarto Safari.

New Monarto Safari Park precinct, Wild Africa, continues to progress with the exciting Rhino Management Centre near completion.

Construction of the $40 million safari and accommodation expansion has recently been focused on finishing the impressive Rhino raceway in the open plains of the 550-hectare precinct.

The rhino-proof fencing spans 40kms and will be home to Monarto’s Southern White Rhino population in the near future.

The Australian Rhino Project welcomes the news of the management centre’s progression, working collaboratively with Monarto on a series of Rhino-saving initiatives in the past few years.

Monarto’s conservation and breeding program has been in place for over 20 years, with a little bundle of Southern White Rhino joy arriving at the zoo in July last year.

Baby Southern White Rhino Eshe celebrated turning one the other day, in what is a massive milestone for not only the calf, but for the safari park. The (not so) little ball of energy has quickly become a fan favourite at the park.

In the wild, Southern White Rhinos are a near-threatened species and projects like Monarto’s have greatly increased the dwindling population through conservation programs. The zoo also works with Kruger National Park and Sera Conservancy in Kenya, where they support 40 rangers in the fight against illegal poaching of endangered animals.

In more Rhino news, the Director manager of Monarto Safari Park, Peter Clark, has also recently been presented a UNESCO achievement award to recognise his work with the Australian Rhino Project.

Clark has been at the forefront of the parks Wild Africa expansion and the programs rhino husbandry program. Working in South Australia and Papua New Guinea, Clark supports some of the rarest animals in the world.

Wild Africa will be home to 39 extinct-in-the-wild animals and is expected to open as early as 2022.

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