Monastery Coffee raising urgent funds for landslide victims with new release

Monastery Coffee has brought forward the release of their limited edition Relief Coffee, with all proceeds donated to Timor-Leste.

Monastery Coffee’s mission is to celebrate coffee farmers globally and to highlight craft over commerce. Over the last few weeks, the team has championed this goal, working tirelessly to bring forward the release of their limited edition Relief Coffee, with all proceeds donated to Timor-Leste.

Southeast Asian nation Timor-Leste has endured catastrophic landslides and flooding that have left more than 14,000 people homeless and vulnerable. The nation was founded recently in 2002 and was in the midst of developing its agricultural footing –– with coffee as it’s leading export –– when the April 4 flooding began.

The Timor-Leste government announced their relief package will focus mainly on the city of Dili due to budget and information-gathering constraints, so Raw Material Coffee have launched a plan to reach farming communities in need.

Monastery Coffee have decided the total proceeds from every bag sold will be donated to Raw Materials appeal. Monastery’s goal is to sell through the entire 60kg lot as quickly as possible, and they need your help! 

In doing so, they will be able to raise $4,000 for those in need.

“If there was ever a time to buy multiple bags and gift some to friends and family – this is it,” Adam from Monastery Coffee says.

The light-roast coffee comes in whole bean, espresso, and filter varieties, and it’s tasting notes include ripe berries, guava, and nougat.

But don’t just read how it tastes; Head to the Monastery website to watch a tasting notes video from the roasters––and grab a couple of bags to try for yourself!

Buy the Timor-Leste Relief Coffee here.

Find out more about the fundraiser here.

Buy Monastery Coffee at popular café Argo, on Victoria Square and on the Parade.

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