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Monday’s Coffee opens in Prospect

The former Minestra site has undergone a makeover and emerged as Monday’s Coffee.

Photos by Jack Fenby

Jarrad Sharrock’s latest iteration of Monday’s Coffee, the third to open in Adelaide not counting the Monday’s roastery, occupies the former Minestra site on a breezy corner of Churchill Road in Prospect.

It’s a loose, airy space; all whitewash, Swiss Cheese plants and gentle natural light. Old school chairs line the generous pavement outside in neat rows.

And yes, there are vertical subway tiles and Edison bulbs (God forbid anyone open a cafe this century without them), but there’s also a very nice bespoke wooden bar made from Highland Oak by Taku Kimikawa, a charming blue stained-glass panel above the door, and tastefully understated ceiling panelling. The concrete floor is awash with satisfying imperfections.

Monday’s escapes the monotony of a would-be cookie cutter cafe fitout in its wonkier touches. Look closely, and you’ll notice all the shelving sitting at slightly mismatched heights. But the cafe’s blemishes speak to the hand that Sharrock has had in creating what he says will be the “last venue he opens in Adelaide.” We’ll believe that when we see it.

Intention is at the heart of everything Sharrock says he’ll do here

“We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, but there’s no avocado on toast, and the menu is purposefully vegetable heavy,” he says.

It’s a neighbourhood cafe, but it’s not trying to be all things to all people.

Fruit juices and iced tea on tap, plus Monday’s own coffee which Sharrock roasts in Port Adelaide, rounds out a fairly straightforward offering.

Sharrock says he’ll slowly add to this as time goes on, but the menu will never be huge. A booze licence is due to be approved at the end of the month, and there are collabs in the works.

On the first day of trading, Glam Adelaide notes a steady stream of local hospo pros and Prospect residents flowing through the battered black door for their morning cup, or mid-week breakfast treat.

The vibe is noticeably chill, in keeping with the surrounds, and it’s hard not to feel as though this little nook will become a nicely worn space as the year hums on.

Lucky Prospect, eh?

Monday’s Coffee is located at 123 Churchill Road, and is open on weekdays 7am to 3pm and weekends 8am to 4pm.

Check out Monday’s Coffee on Facebook here.

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