Mondo Rock rediscover the Chemistry

UnknownThis month, iconic Aussie band Mondo Rock are touring the country to celebrate the 33 and a 1/3anniversary of their hit album Chemistry.

 The band, who formed in 1977 haven’t toured together for 24 years, but the original line up are hitting the Thebarton Theatre on the 21st June.

Chemistry spawned four massive hits, “State of the Heart”, “Cool World,” “Chemistry” and “Summer of ‘81” and provided a soundtrack to the ‘80s.

Ross Wilson, Eric McCusker, James Black, Paul Christie and Gil Matthews will return to the stage as a group to play the album in full, as well as their other hits.

Front man and Australian music legend Ross Wilson said audiences can expect a few surprises, as well as some old favourites.

“We’ll play Chemistry and then after interval we’re playing songs like “Come, Said the Boy” as well as some of the others that we’ve rediscovered and gone, ‘Wow, that’s a really good song! How come that never ended up on an album?’” Wilson laughed.

Although the group haven’t played together in over two decades, they haven’t lost touch and are all still playing music.

“With Mondo Rock there’s ongoing business stuff. People call and want to use “Come said the Boy” or “Chemistry” for a TV show or movie so we get together all the time; it’s not like we have to pull someone out of his job as a lawyer or anything like that,” Wilson said.

The tour coincides with the recent release of Chemistry in a double CD package which has been digitally remastered and includes some rare goodies for fans.

“The CD is very well put together. It’s got a 40 page booklet and has about ten songs that have never been heard on albums before, and some rare stuff. The live tracks show what a great band we were then, and hopefully still are now,” Wilson laughed.

Mondo Rock played some of the best venues around the country in their heyday, but Wilson remembers Adelaide’s Arkaba and Mediterranean Hotel fondly.

“The Arkaba and that round room! We’d play in there and stay at the motel at the back. Some wild times were had there!” he said.

“I remember one night at the Mediterranean and Richie Blackmore from Deep Purple came in and we had a guitar jam with our guys. They were swapping licks and then he just let fly with a big flurry and that was it for us. It was a great moment.”

The 33 and a third anniversary of Chemistry marks 33 years since the great album was released but pays homage to the speed records were once played at.

Wilson and the band are looking forward to getting back on stage as Mondo Rock and playing a range of material to the fans they hold in very high regard.

“Our audience is a musically literate audience. I think they’ll lap it up. We want everyone to go home happy, clutching a double CD saying ‘I had a great night,’” he said.

Mondo Rock play at the Thebarton Theatre on Saturday, 21st June and tickets are available from and VIP package is available which includes a meet and greet with the band.

Story by Libby Parker


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