Monique Brumby Speaks About Her Upcoming Tour


Screen shot 2010-08-26 at 9.30.10 AMMusic editor Rajani Stengewis interviewed talented Australian singer/songwriter Monique Brumby about her latest album, Skeletons’ Polka, and her upcoming tour Love is A Weapon with Diana Anaid.

You have been in the industry for over ten years now. Do you like the direction it has taken?

As an independent artist, there are so many outlets available to get yourself out there. But it is hard work – from loading in at gigs, selling your merch after the show and promoting. You really have to be proactive.

Tell me about your latest album, Skeletons’ Polka.

I got the funds to record this album and it took 3 years from the time of writing to the finished product. I got the title from a book I was reading by Sarah Waters. For me, it means that when people die I like to think that they are still around.

You had a taste of producing for a local SA artist, Emily Davis. Is that the direction you would like to take?

On my website there is a production section where people can contact me if they interested in me producing or working with them. It is something I would like to do for sure.

You’re currently touring the country with Diana Anaid – how did that come about?

We toured together in 2001, had a good time and formed a friendship from that, so we thought it would be good to tour again. It’s always fun and games on tour!

What can Adelaide fans expect from your show?

They can expect comedy, to be entertained and sisterhood. We perform together on stage. We just wrote a song together called “love is a weapon” and will be putting out an EP soon. You can also buy it at the shows. If you check out my website you can see the video we made for the song.

Monique Brumby and Diana Anaid will be performing in Adelaide at Jive Bar on Sunday 5th September. For tickets, visit Jive’s website.

Venue Details: Jive Bar, 181 Hindley Street, Adelaide

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