Montaigne Holds Back No Punches On ‘Because I Love You’

Montaigne Holds Back No Punches On ‘Because I Love You’

Fast rising up the long line of incredible female musical talent in Australia, Montaigne is already thinking to the future beyond her upcoming debut album tour.


The decidedly talented Sydney based songstress Montaigne returns to Adelaide as part of her Because I Love You tour with a collection of eclectic new songs that push the boundaries of artistic pop music. After her recent success with The Life of Montagine EP and previous Triple J supported singles ‘Clip My Wings’ and ‘In The Dark’, singer Jessica Cerro is being touted as one to watch out for in the future. GLAM was lucky enough to chat with Montaigne about her emerging brand new single, collaborative efforts with local legends Hilltop Hoods and why she has Adelaide in her sights.

With her debut album Glorious Lights set to be released in August, Cerro is in an anticipatory mood reflecting on recently completing her first record. “I would love the record to be out now, but alas I have to wait. I’m not sure if there was a particular statement I wanted to make, I just wrote a bunch of songs about my life.”

Released in July, Because I Love You features catchy piano chord progressions and sparkling string arrangements that are sculpted around Cerro’s distinct vocal presence. Lyrically however the song is a much darker affair. “That is about my relationship with my ex-boyfriend. While I was in it, it was all daisies and sunshine and then when I got out of it and I wrote the song I was like wait a second… all these things seems really bad, he was actually not a very good boyfriend and why did I put up with that? The song is an expression of that.”

Does she believe that working in pop make it easier to express those emotions writing through a personal narrative? “Yeah, it comes from having pop roots. I was brought up with pop music and it comes back to being able to have worked with a wide range of different people from different genres on this record.”

Jess also scored a hit single with the Hilltop Hoods and Thom Thum recently with the track ‘1955’, her unmistakable voice once again the hook for the single. Despite the ease in which Jess found herself performing in hip-hop, she often finds it a demanding yet invigorating process writing across genres. “I find it quite hard for example writing for EDM, which I’ve been asked to do and find very challenging. I’ve written with Urthboy recently and I find him a lot easier to work with.”

Embracing those challenges, Cerro is looking forward playing her songs live with the prospect of the upcoming tour and a return to Adelaide. “It’s my first time at Fat Controller and I’ve only performed in Adelaide twice before, once was in support of Boy and Bear at Thebarton Theatre and the other time was with the Hoods and my own headline show. That was a really good crowd actually.

“We’ll see how the album goes but I’m really excited to be back on tour.”

Montaigne’s ‘Because I Love You’ Tour comes to Adelaide on Friday 23rd of September at Fat Controller. Tickets are available here.

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