Moonlight Cinema Responds To Bowie Fans With An Amazing Tribute Night

Moonlight Cinema Responds To Bowie Fans With An Amazing Tribute Night

Bowie fans asked, and Bowie fans shall receive… This is epic!


4.3 million. That is the number of tweets that went out about the shock death of music legend David Bowie a few days ago. Just to put that into some sort of perspective, that is something like 20,000 tweets per minute. Everyone from Elton John, Madonna, Kanye West, Mick Jagger, and Aussies including Russell Crowe, Sia and Ruby Rose were just a few of the celebrities expressing their sorrow and love for the great man who impacted so many with his music. But it wasn’t just the celebs, people all over the world were paying tribute, and the people of Adelaide obviously wanted in on that…

It is pretty safe to say that there must be a huge Bowie fan-base right here in Adelaide, because after the news broke, a Facebook page was created… What could it be but a page lobbying for the Moonlight Cinema to screen a Bowie film as a tribute to the genius himself.

Basically someone had noticed that the Moonlight Cinema was not playing anything on the 22 January and so the suggestion was made to screen Labyrinth in memory of the one and only David Bowie.

Well apparently someone at the Moonlight Cinema was listening because they have released a statement this morning announcing they will screen iconic Bowie film Labyrinth on Friday 22 January.

At 8am this morning, Moonlight stated on the Facebook page, “We’ve heard you. To pay tribute to one of the greatest figures of modern music, Moonlight Cinema will screen immortal Bowie film, Labyrinth, in Adelaide’s Botanic Gardens on Friday night (22 Jan).

David Bowie’s music and artistry inspired us all. Let’s celebrate the man, the legend, the artist, the innovator, Ziggy Stardust, the chameleon of reinvention, creativity and expression, and enjoy his unforgettable performance as The Goblin King.”

But of course what would a Bowie tribute be without everyone rocking their fave Bowie look? The Cinema is encouraging fans to show up in their best Bowie look as they join them for “a dark, semi-musical, glam-rock journey into the Labyrinth.”

With the film turning 30 years old this June, it seems like one of the perfect ways to say goodbye and thank you to the Starman who is waiting in the sky.

More information can be found at Get tickets here.

What: Moonlight Cinema screening of Labyrinth
When: Friday 22 January, 2016 – 8:30pm (101 minutes)
Where: Botanic Park, Hackney Road, Adelaide

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