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Movies to watch on Qantas….

220px-Kick-Ass_film_posterHey cinephiles, I just endure a 13 hour flight Sydney to Buenos Aires and   these are my top 5 selections currently showing on QANTAS´ video on demand

1. KICK ASS – absolutely brilliant and hilarious though not PC… if you are Tony Abbott walk away now!  4.5/5 stars

2. ANIMAL KINGDOM – Still might be showing at the cinemas, if so get there quickly.  Though not the most pleasant themes to endure it is totally mesmerising and gritty.  Just makes you think grateful for growing up on the rigt side of the tracks.  Ben Mendolsen has finally grown up and is showing his maturity as a fine actor.  4/5 stars

3. THE WAITING CITY – Brilliant film dealing with cultural clash, acceptance exloration and understanding of spiritual values and awakening in India.  Starring Radha Mitchell and Joel Edgerton who are great in the fantastic piece of storytelling. 4/5 stars

4. SHE´S OUT OF MY LEAGUE – after the heaviness of Animal Kingdom and the violence in Kick Ass, you will need something lightweight to watch while you are trying to digest your plane food.  Mildly entertaining and funny 3/5 stars.

5. Ummm errrr if the video on demand on Qantas was actually working properly i could give you one….. all I can say was that Sex in the City 2, though showing would not be appearing in this list.  Happy and safe travels.

Hasta Luego from Argentina

ps. stay posted for my return jorney list…fingers crossed that the VOD works oh and that I actually get my luggage as it was left on the tarmac at Sydney Airport!!!

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