Mozart Dethrones Top Pop Artists

Mozart Dethrones Top Pop Artists

Mozart proving classical music will never die after smashing record sales of major pop artists combined


Music has changed so much since the classical days. On the bus, you can hear Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber blaring out the girl’s headphones who’s sitting next to you. Walking down Rundle Mall you’ll find buskers singing the latest pop, rock and on occasion rap hits. We all thought classical music was out and never coming back, but boy was we wrong!

Mozart has smashed the likes of Drake, Rhianna and David Bowie combined with a box set featuring 200 CD’s of his greatest melodies becoming the biggest selling release of 2016. How big you ask? Well, he sold 1.25 million copies in just 5 weeks.

Interested in seeing what the hype is about? You can find Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition’ online or a music store. Not only does it feature Mozart’s greatest compositions, but also two books, a series of high-quality collector’s prints and a special app to access digital libretti for each of Mozart’s operas and sacred works. But, fair warning, it weighs 12kg! So, we hope you have a crane to lift this mammoth or perhaps hit the gym otherwise you might strain something!

Even though Mozart has been gone for 225 years, this just proves time can’t take away your rock star reputation. For those obsessed with R’n’B Fridays or pop-rock you should look into expanding your iTunes playlist to include the classic, they’re never going away.

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