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Mr Potato’s Hyde Park Store Is Now Open!

The health-conscious fast food favourite is tackling the stigma around spuds and bringing fresh, nutritious take-away to King William Road.


Spud-tacular news!

Mr Potato, the health-conscious concept store in Glenelg that set out to transform the Australian fast food scene and tackle the negative health stigma of the humble, misunderstood potato, is bringing fresh, nutritious take-away to King William Road.

The store’s creators, Australian Supermodel of the year Jess Davis and 36er’s development player Tyson Hoffmann, know the struggle of searching for unprocessed, nourishing take-away.

If you’ve ever been committed to a health kick, and found yourself driving around in circles looking for something to grab quickly because The Bachelor is about to start and you don’t have time to cook, you’ll have discovered that Australia’s take-away landscape tends to offer either healthy and processed, or just straight-up unhealthy.

But pop into Mr Potato, and pick up either a Spudlight 25% less carb potato or a sweet potato, topped with your choice of fresh, daily prepared salad toppings and slow-cooked meat, sprinkled with some low-fat cheese, and you’ve got a fresh, nutritious meal in your hands faster than a Bach contestant can cut someone else’s grass at a cocktail party.

The best part? Mr Potato wants us to know we can take on the taters without derailing the diet. We are ensured the poor, antagonised potato is in fact a much healthier carb alternative to processed breads, wraps and rice. Packed with vitamins and minerals, with more potassium than a banana. Sounding even more a-peeling?

Mr Potato is opening up on King William road, right next to Steven ter Horst Chocolatier and Karrans Watch and Jewellery specialists, so you can tend to your potato, chocolate and diamond requirements all in one trip. The trifecta.

Mr Potato can be found at 185 King William Rd, Hyde Park.

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