Adelaide Fringe

Mr Snot-bottom’s Stinky Silly Show – Adelaide Fringe 2011

Presented by Mark Trenwith
Reviewed Sunday 13 March 2011

Venue: The Upstairs Lounge, Gelatissimo, 280 Rundle St Adelaide
Season ended
Mr Snot-bottom is very, very naughty. In fact, his teacher is quick to warn the kids in the audience that they should take no notice and do the opposite of what he does. Unfortunately, Mr Snot-bottom is just too puerile, gleefully appealing to every disgusting 5-10 year old and some of their parents too.

Mark Trenwith is an active comedian on the local comedy circuit who has also performed in children’s shows including Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends and as ‘Bounce Back Man’ on the ABC1 series Being Me.

His newest children’s character bursts onto stage in possibly the best ever Jim Carrey/early Jerry Lewis impersonation. Nothing is sacred for this gross big kid that seems to be made of rubber. He waggles his bum, burps out loud, attempts a ‘fart’wheel and loves boogers.

The over-excited kids lap it up, participating at every opportunity despite threats by the teacher to use the Naughty Corner. Mr Snot-bottom’s assistant, Phlegm, is on hand to help keep things in control, but the interactive chaos creates some of the biggest laughs as the kids’ warped humour is allowed shine too.

Trenwith wows with stage magic and puppetry, and is completely engaging, despite not wanting to catch girl germs. Whether he’s renaming Disney classics or stopping his puppets from eating his ear wax, the laughter is loud and the interaction is enthusiastic.

Despite Mr Snot-bottom’s behaviour, Trenwith simply doesn’t stink.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis, Performing Arts Critic, Glam Adelaide.

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