Mulled wine and winter solstice feast at Valhalla Street Festival

Live out your Viking fantasies at the VALHALLA street festival, featuring fire dancing, meat on the spit, live music, mulled wine, fruit brandy, and more.

On the longest night and shortest day of the year, Vikings would observe the winter solstice and celebrate the brighter days to come. In Odin’s honour, an elaborate feast would mark the occasion, with many toasts, parties, and songs to ensure another year of prosperity.

While many Nordic traditions are lost to the past, Adelaide’s Silver Brewing Co is bringing the big Viking feast back with its VALHALLA Winter Solstice Party.

Hosted this Saturday (18 June), the microbrewery – in collaboration with Kafana Kitchen – will be serving up lamb and pig on the spit, ribs, smoked chicken, hearty soup and more.

VALHALLA will take over Marlborough Street and will be the first of many Viking-themed street festivals that Silver Brewing intends to host.

What will be there, you ask? Well, like every great solstice celebration, there shall be music! Live DJs will be enlivening the street from 12pm onwards, playing everything from R&B to house and EDM.

Live fire dancing and music performances will also take centre stage, with The Flow Alchemist, Daniel Barnes, hurling flaming spheres with almost as much force as the Norse gods.

Five new craft beers will be served to guests brave enough to walk among warriors, available all day and night with tasting palettes available for $20.

If beer is not to your liking, mulled wine will also be served, alongside a hot fruit brandy made from fermented apple and pear, inspired by rakija.

Rakjia is a traditional Balkan spirit, commonly produced using plums or apricots, and consumed in regions like Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria, and Macedonia.

For something closer to home, DASHER + FISHER Gin has crossed the great sea (of the Bass Strait) to host a gin stall and lead tastings.

Local SA wine tastings will also be available throughout the feast – pairing perfectly with the freshly roasted meats and vegetables fit for any hungry Viking.

For the VIP treatment, register for free here and get a complimentary welcome drink on arrival.

Valhalla is part of ADL Unleashed, a joint initiative of the City of Adelaide, the Government of South Australia, and the Adelaide Economic Development Agency.

Where: Silver Brewing Co – 200-206 Gouger Street, Adelaide 5000

When: Saturday 18 June, 12:00pm – 10:00pm

To find out more about this event, click here.

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