Multi-million dollar community centre proposed for Adelaide’s north

Plans to build a multi-million dollar community centre in Adelaide’s north have been lodged. See what’s in store here.

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Angle Vale may soon welcome a brand new, multi million dollar community centre with all you could ever need after plans were lodged earlier this month.

The proposal aims to home a petrol station, fast food outlet, child care centre, medical centre, gymnasium, swim centre and service trade premises across nearly 20,000 square metres along Bain road.

The report states that while the development may stick out in its current setting, the area is slowly transitioning from ‘rural living’ to a zone will eventually house a wide range of different businesses.

“The site is located in an area that is transitioning from Rural Living to a Zone that supports a mix
of commercial, retail and industrial type uses,” the report states.

“It does not have a traditional built form character that you would find in areas closer to the city. That said, the buildings proposed are to be constructed of a mixture of materials which add visual interest and present well to Bain Road.

“The proposed buildings incorporate a range of architectural elements to add visual interest to the
streetscape and uses subtle colours and materials.

“The proposal will create essentially a new built form character which in time will sit comfortably within the streetscape, as neighbouring allotments are developed similarly.”

According to the proposal the petrol station will house a 12-pump system while the childcare centre will be large enough to accommodate 109 places and help with the high demand of early learning centres across the state. The site will also house a two-storey medical centre, with a total of 18 consulting rooms. A swim centre and a gymnasium have also been proposed for the site.

A total of 160 car parks will be available on site, meaning there should be ample spaces for residents to cruise into the centre and not have to walk far for to the amenity of their choice.

“The extent of commercial and retail development proposed is considered small scale and although, will
provide day to day service for the local community, will not detract from the role future activity centres to
be established within the locality,” the report states.

“The site has been designed to consider the pedestrian environment, being well lit, providing activity
throughout the day and night-time and enabling passive surveillance from the control building windows
and doors and the fast food outlet windows.

“The proposal also provides a welcoming pedestrian environment with large landscaping areas abutting the
Bain Road, road boundary and the future footpath network, which is convenient for both vehicles and

But don’t get too ahead of yourself, the project is currently out for public consultation until February 28.

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