Music Review: ASO Does Disco

The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra finds its groove in this 1970s house party, featuring hits and medleys of the era, accompanied by a quartet of singers.

Presented by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
Reviewed on 24 July 2015

When a conductor out-pitches the Bee Gees and a cellist sprouts a pink afro, any last vestige of snobbery is destroyed. Symphony orchestras are not what they used to be!

While the likes of Brahms and Tchaikovsky are still the mainstay of our prized orchestra, they’re Staying Alive well into the future with new ways to find and entertain new audiences, and entertain they do!

The ASO Does Disco is a retro Celebration of 1970’s hits and Mr Kool – conductor Guy Noble – and his Gang have the audience up and dancing by the end of this 2-hour party. Toe-tapping teens and grooving grannies were in one voice for the well-earned standing ovation that is sure to create another Saturday Night Fever at tonight’s final show.

Noble plays his part well, not only conducting the massive orchestra, but conducting events, offering narration and song introductions, and even hitting us up with some dance moves. He’s full of surprises and a lot of interesting trivia, like the Australian connection to supergroup Boney M – who, incidentally, have a concert coming up at the Thebarton Theatre this October.

Featuring songs and medleys of the era, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra is ably supported by a talented quartet of singers lead by the sensational Charmaine Jones. She is joined by the groovy group Gospo, comprising of Jacqui Yeo, Morgan Welch and Ben Gillard.

ABBA-ArrivalSadly – and surprisingly – there are no ABBA songs on the bill. At the very least I would have expected one of the many hits from their Arrival album, if for no other reason than to crack a timely joke about our federal Speaker of the House, Bronwyn Bishop. #Choppergate

In the first half, the singers steal centre-stage too often, upstaging the orchestra and wrongly trying to make it their show. They redeem themselves in Act 2, when the Festival Theatre becomes Studio 74 (sic), replete with 8 disco balls, and they stay more to the side allowing the orchestra to be seen.

With paisley lighting balls and swirling whorls to complement the colour on stage, you can blame it on the boogie for having such a good time but we know this Disco Inferno is just the way you like it.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
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ASO Does Disco
When: 24 & 25 July 2015
Where: Festival Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre
Tickets: $59 – $69
Bookings: Book through BASS online or phone 131 246

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