Music Review: Bruno Mars ‘Moonshine Jungle Tour’ Adelaide

Music Review: Bruno Mars ‘Moonshine Jungle Tour’ Adelaide

For an artist who has only been on the world stage for a few years, Bruno Mars has certainly made an impact on his fans worldwide, and it isn’t hard to see why he has risen to popularity so quickly


Bruno Mars touring 2014For an artist who has only been on the world stage for a few years, Bruno Mars has certainly made an impact on his fans worldwide, and it isn’t hard to see why he has risen to popularity so quickly. With a string of hit songs and two Grammy Awards, Hawaiian born Mars’ (real name Peter Hernandez) star has risen even faster than the late King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley’s.

Supported by R & B act Miguel, the Moonshine Jungle Tour is pure entertainment through and through. Miguel delivered a solid R & B set which set the audience alight, especially the adoring young female fans, but the crowd came to see Bruno Mars and judging by the enormous response when he arrived on stage, he wasn’t about to disappoint.

From the opening song Moonshine right throughout the entire performance, Bruno Mars and his all singing/all dancing 8 member band exhibit elements of Motown, R&B, disco and rock, but manage to blend it all together to deliver absolute soul to one of the best live shows on the planet.

Far from being a passer by in the entertainment industry as so many young up and comers ultimately become, Mars’ spectacular vocal ability, musical talent, and sheer passion for his songs should guarantee him a very long career in entertainment. Happy to share the stage with his band that danced, jumped about, and truly seemed to be having a ball on stage, Mars’ generosity and humility are genuine and the packed out crowd at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre felt it.

The hit songs all made an appearance with Grenade, Treasure, Billionaire, and Marry You getting the already excited crowd on their feet and dancing and in an interesting segue from the music the band parodied their R & B roots with a hilarious ‘love song breakdown’ – a random girl was chosen from the audience and each singer delivered a husky song line to her in true R & B form. One singer got on hands and knees, another exaggerated a deep soul voice a la Barry White- it was pure comic genius.

There were also sombre moments in the show, such as when Mars explained that When I Was Your Man was the hardest song he’d ever written prior to delivering it with every bit of sentiment that the lyrics demand. It is about lost love and the mourning of things he was unable (or unwilling) to give in a relationship prior to becoming famous. You can feel the hurt and raw emotion in every single note he delivers in this song, and it proves that from such sorrow can come such beauty.

After 90 minutes of exuding total energy, Bruno and the band decided to call it a night after Just The Way You Are, the smash hit that launched him into stardom.

The crowd weren’t letting him off the hook that easy though, and after a brief blackout he re-emerged on stage behind a drum kit and delivered an impressive solo before launching into Locked Out Of Heaven as an encore.

With Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney yet to experience the ‘Moonshine Jungle Tour’, you’d better get to see this concert for the pure showmanship and musical genius that is Bruno Mars. It doesn’t get much better than this!

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Reviewed by Darren Hassan 2 Mar 2014

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  1. Anthony 6 years ago

    Did he not perform Gorilla? Attending the show in Sydney on Saturday and I’d LOVE to know. The original setlist says he finishes with Gorila after the Locked Out Of Heaven encore. Maybe its changed 🙁

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