Music Review: Youth Revolution Gala Concert

Presented by Adelaide Youth Orchestras (AdYO)
Reviewed 1 September 2013

The Adelaide Youth Orchestras are a collection of 4 orchestras (encompassing a total of over 200 musicians) for children aged from 7 to 24. Don’t let the single-digit age mislead you, this fine Spring afternoon we were in the presence of immeasurable and awe-inspiring musical talent, from a enthusiastic group of young musicians with limitless potential.

With renditions ranging from Tchaikovsky to Grainger, Australian-British quartet Bond (look up Explosive by Bond on YouTube, you’ll know it) to Slumdog Millionaire, there is something in here to cater for every fancy and desire. The 230 musicians, part of the 4 orchestras (Adelaide Youth Wind Orchestra, Adelaide Youth Strings, Adelaide Youth Sinfonia, and Adelaide Youth Orchestra) deliver a flawless production, and it was hard to locate a single off-key note, skipped beat or bar.

The final composition of four movements (a self-contained component of the overall musical composition) is accompanied by soloist Natsuko Yoshimoto, an internationally featured and critically acclaimed violinist. Yoshimoto’s lightning-fast finger work and dynamic and silky smooth control of her bow is one of the greatest live marvels of musical prowess I have ever seen. The shining composition of the evening was the ominous and powerful Marche Slave Op 31 (Tchaikovsky), that tells the story of the conflict between Serbia and the Ottoman Empire. It was as though the Serbian soldiers were on stage, recounting their own macabre tales, their words interpreted as music.

Each and every young musician, and their gifted and brilliant tutors and conductors, should relish in their sense of accomplishment from this evening. How wonderful that this level of talent is being fostered and continued for the next generation. Bookmark AdYO, and keep an eye on their future productions. Your eyes and ears will thank you.

Reviewed by Nathan Giaccio

Venue: Adelaide Town Hall, 128 King William Street
Season: 1 September 2013
Duration: 2.5 hours


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