My Kingdom for a Horse announces new venue led by superstar barista

My Kingdom for a Horse Coffee is set to open a second store, this time with one of SA’s best baristas at the helm.

One of Adelaide’s go to coffee shops, My Kingdom for a Horse Coffee, is set to embark on a whole new adventure, with one of the state’s best baristas at its helm.

Located at 185 Pirie St and yet to be named, this will be the second spin off for the popular Wright St roastery cafe and will be located on the ground floor of the newly completed 5-star NABERS energy rated construction from SA group, Palumbo.

Open Monday to Friday selling a big range of ready to eat pastries, sandwiches, salads and other snacks to eat in or take-away and of course, freshly roasted brews.

Leading the charge will be hospitality superstar, Nikki, who’s passion for coffee is boundless, transforming her craft into an art form. As a restaurant supervisor and acclaimed barista champion at My Kingdom for a Horse, she has left an indelible mark on the coffee world. Now, Nikki stands poised to showcase her prowess on a grand stage as a finalist in Australia’s Richest Barista competition.

Set to unfold over three exhilarating days in May at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, this high-stakes event will see baristas engage in a knock-out format, with each round pushing competitors to their limits.

It was just two years ago, Nikki took home the state title at the SA Milklab smackdown in 2022 and even made the cut to participate in the Melbourne International Coffee Expo.

With Nikki’s skill, determination, and passion, she is poised to make her mark once again, demonstrating why she is a true champion of the coffee world.

Her journey with Ravenmead Hospitality commenced three years ago, when she joined as a barista. From the outset, Nikki showcased not only an exceptional talent for brewing the perfect cup but also an innate knack for crafting exquisite latte art.

Her unwavering dedication to mastering the nuances of coffee was palpable, leading her to delve deeper into the intricacies of coffee roasting, thereby enhancing her understanding of the bean-to-cup journey.

Driven by her passion, Nikki pursued further education, obtaining a Certificate III in Hospitality. This achievement merited her a well-deserved promotion to restaurant supervisor at A Prayer for the Wild at Heart, a sister business.

“Nikki’s champion attitude makes her the perfect person to lead the team as My Kingdom for a Horse Coffee expands with a new cafe in July,” Emily Raven from Ravenmead Hospitality said.

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