Myer Centre vaccination clinic opens with walk-in appointments from today

In today’s update over 34,000 South Australians booked their vaccination at the new Myer Clinic, and no cases linked to the positive truck drivers so far.

Minister for Health Stephen Wade and Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr Emily Kirkpatrick addressed South Australians at a press conference today about the highly-anticipated Myer Centre opening, as well as a state COVID update.

Today, the Level 3 of the Myer Centre Vaccination Clinic has opened its door to the public, with over 34,000 bookings made to the clinic yesterday across the approved age groups.

“It’s a great opportunity to push this program right across the state. We are ramping up the mass vaccination program. We had a record week last week, with 100,000 doses. That’s 100,00 this week and 100,000 the week before,” said Wade.

“We are at 40% full vaccination in South Australia, we need to continue to ramp up our efforts to make sure that every south Australian has the opportunity to be vaccinated.”

A great opportunity for city workers, shoppers and students alike the clinic will be taking 150 bookings each day, with space for an extra 100 walk-ins.

In a bid to boost the state’s vaccination rates, SA Government announced last week that South Australians between the age of 12 and 15 would be eligible for their Pfizer shot this Monday.

Since announcing the highly-anticipated plan, 11, 500 individuals in the age bracket have booked their COVID jabs at the Myer Centre yesterday.

Providing an update on South Australia’s current COVID state, Dr Kirkpatrick announced that the state had received 98 per cent of the pending test results from individuals isolating after six positive fright drivers passed through the state. No cases are linked to the drivers.   

Dr Kirkpatrick stated that this was an important reminder that the virus is right on South Australia’s doorstep, asking for eligible individuals to roll up their sleeves and get the vaccine.

“We are of course are requiring mandatory vaccination for freight drivers from the 27 September, which is very important for us to ensuring that workers coming in from those higher-risk states,” said Dr Kirkpatrick.

“It does reduce that risk of transmission and risk of hospitalisation, which is why it’s important we are all rolling up our sleeves.”

A young mine worker who returned a positive test has also been moved to the Tom’s Court positive facility in the CBD. It is believed there are no cases linked to this positive result.

“It is very pleasing so far no positive cases to report her in the state. But of course, that risk does continue in New South Wales, and particularly the risk we are seeing in Broken Hill as well,” said Dr Kirkpatrick.

“It is so important for the community to understand this is right on our doorstep. It is the time to be vaccinated and it’s not the time to wait.”

South Australians can book in for vaccinations at   

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