Myriota secures Moon to Mars Funding, unveils new Habitat immersion

Adelaide’s Myriota is pioneering the future of space communications with a $1.5 million grant, unveiling the innovative Myriota Habitat, enhancing global IoT capabilities and tackling environmental challenges.

Adelaide-based tech firm Myriota has secured a $1.5 million grant from the Australian Space Agency’s Moon to Mars Initiative Demonstrator Mission Grants. This funding boost aims to develop an innovative, compact communication payload designed for flexibility, scalability, and resilience in off-world environments.

The grant was publicly announced during the unveiling of the Myriota Habitat at Lot Fourteen by the Premier of South Australia, Peter Malinauskas, signifying another leap for South Australia in the space and technology sector.

Enrico Palermo, the Head of the Australian Space Agency, underlined the project’s potential to foster job creation and enhance sovereign capabilities within Australia. “This initiative is a prime example of how our homegrown innovation can significantly contribute to global space missions,” Palermo expressed.

He added, “Placing a focus on Australian ingenuity, this project not only aims to develop new space technologies but also enhance essential capabilities to combat climate issues impacting vital sectors, particularly agriculture.”

The new facility, dubbed the Myriota Habitat, is an experiential hub where visitors can interact directly with advanced Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. These address urgent global challenges, including water scarcity, carbon emissions, and infrastructure resilience.

Myriota’s cutting-edge technologies, which are heavily reliant on their satellite connectivity, provide monitoring solutions in diverse areas such as agriculture, asset management, and pipeline and water monitoring. The Habitat is intended as a central hub for demonstrative activities and operational coordination, promoting strong local and international partnerships.

The launch also highlighted the importance of local collaboration. Diane Dixon, the Lot Fourteen State Project Lead, commented, “The presence of Myriota at Lot Fourteen has been instrumental in advancing our state’s tech and STEM sectors, creating more job opportunities, and reinforcing our status as a leader in innovative solutions.”

Ben Cade, CEO of Myriota, reflected on the company’s trajectory, which has evolved from a local research initiative to a leader in global IoT solutions. “The establishment of the Myriota Habitat marks a significant milestone in our commitment to developing beneficial technologies. It provides a collaborative space that brings together a diverse group of partners essential for continued growth,” said Cade.

In his speech, Cade also highlighted the economic impact of Myriota’s operations, “This year alone, we’ve expanded our team to 70 members and contributed $15 million to South Australia’s economy, evidencing our substantial role in the technology sector.”

IoT solutions have the potential to revolutionise industry practices by enhancing agricultural productivity, reducing waste, and improving operational efficiencies. In fact, the adoption of smart farming techniques is projected to yield annual benefits of $22 billion, underscoring the transformative capabilities of IoT technologies in vital economic sectors.

The establishment of the Myriota Habitat and the receipt of the Moon to Mars funding represent significant steps towards harnessing space technology for practical and sustainable applications, positioning South Australia as a pivotal region in global technological advancements.

Founded in Adelaide, Myriota is a pioneer in developing global satellite connectivity solutions, specializing in remote communications and monitoring technologies. Their advancements are crucial across various sectors, including agriculture, logistics, and environmental conservation. The company has been instrumental in advancing IoT applications globally, continuously expanding its reach and technological capabilities.

For further information about Myriota and its innovations, visit their website.

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