Myth Understandings – Fringe

Myth Understandings Fringe 2010Odeon Theatre, Norwood
Tuesday March 9th 2010 (See Fringe guide for dates, times, etc.) Presented by Theater Simple, Seattle. or 1300 FRINGE (374 643)

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Two scientists are working on the finishing touches to their new invention, the iHED, a device with the advertising slogan “let us do the thinking for you”. It contains all the knowledge in the world, instantly accessible directly into your brain, so there will no longer be a need to learn anything. For some reason, though, one particular area of knowledge refuses to load. They cannot get it to accept all of the fairytales, myths and legends.

Monique Kleinhans and Andrew Litzky, who also co-wrote the script in conjunction with Bob Blazek and the play’s director, Llysa Holland, play the two scientists. Completely flummoxed, the pair accidentally stumble upon the answer to their dilemma and find themselves irresistibly drawn into a fairytale, becoming the characters. As they escape at the end of this tale they are quickly drawn into another, then another, then still more.

Playing all of the characters in each tale they throw themselves into a very energetic series of interpretations of old favourites such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel, as well as the Icarus myth and a poignant yet unknown piece called The King’s Child. There is, of course, a moral to this play, just as there is to each of the tales.

Kleinhans and Litzky are totally captivating in this fun-filled, fast paced and physically demanding performance. Theater Simple bases its work on enormous use of the imagination, theirs and your own. This superb production will take older audience members back to their childhood and rekindle a love of those stories that you may have all but forgotten. They bring them to life and make them seem new again through their wonderfully warm and generous performances.

It says that this show is suitable for ages 4 to 13, but don’t let that fool you. No matter how old you are you will love this show.

Reviewed by Barry Lenny, Glam Adelaide Arts Editor.

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