Navigating SA Holiday Experiences Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Planning a trip in our own backyard has been reimagined with RAA Travel showcasing some of the best South Australian experiences on their new online hub.

“Whatever happened to trust?…trust! trust! trust!”

It’s a phrase all South Aussies know and love but when it comes to organising your next local getaway, the iconic RAA slogan couldn’t be more accurate. Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars on an extravagant overseas holiday. Nowadays, it’s all about being a tourist in your own backyard. When was the last time you traversed the great state of SA? With our plethora of world class destinations, accommodation and experiences (no that’s not a brochure talking, it’s a fact) there’s really no excuse for looking for cheap flights to Phuket.

Well, RAA Travel are here to serve, launching their new SA Holiday Experience Packages at Adelaide Oval this week. Kicking off with over 85 different travel packages on offer across our great state, (and more on the way) RAA Travel aren’t just here to help you in a breakdown. I mean, who else knows the state better than those one the road for a living!

After conducting extensive research, RAA Travel discovered that the people of South Australia wanted two things; to book an experience rather than just accommodation and to be able to book it immediately online so they went ahead and created a service that did just that. Yep, they actually heard us!

Not only does their brand new, interactive website certainly provide easy to use navigation but RAA Travel also have the advantage of providing their clients with a full-time call centre and various branches where you can pop in and discuss your holiday package with a consultant one-one-one. Try getting TripAdvisor to do that…

Want to find out about shark diving in Port Lincoln? What about hot air ballooning in the Barossa Valley? Or the best tracks for four-wheel-driving in the Flinders Ranges. This is exactly the resource you’ve been waiting for. Get off Reddit and start looking because there are packages for all – a girl’s trip, romantic getaway or a full family affair. And you can go “off the plan” to customise what you’re looking for if you so choose.

But if you want things straight forward, at least one nights accommodation and one local activity are always included in their packages and one activity. They’re also supporting local business and accomodation, which is a top notch effort on their behalf. RAA Travel continue to work closely with all of the regional tourism bodies and their suppliers to ensure all their holiday experience packages are of world-class quality.

Now if you excuse me, I’ve got a segway in the Barossa Valley to catch! Oh you didn’t know about that? Better visit the RAA Travel website and start perusing your options for this weekend.

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