Need quick cash? Checkout Hockit, Adelaide’s luxury pawnbroker

If you want cash for any reason, here’s a fresh way to get a loan at a lower than expected rate! Hockit is Adelaide’s answer to luxury pawnbroking.

If you want cash for any reason, here’s a fresh way to get a loan at a lower than expected rate!

Located in the heart of Adelaide on Gawler place, Hockit is Adelaide’s Fancy pawnshop

With over 20 years experience in Cash Loans, Hockit pay cash for anything fancy like Gold jewellery & coins, diamond rings, watches and they specialise in luxury designer handbags

Hockit owner and founder Richard Gilbert told Glam Adelaide that Cash Loans from Hockit are a safe and secure way to get extra funds when you need it!

“We take a great amount of care of our customers’ products when they are in our secure storage,” said Richard. 

Cash loans from Hockit have limited risk, we will hold customers’ goods for as long as they need and our rates are so affordable that it’s easy to extend the term of the cash loan.

“To get a Cash Loan you simply bring in your goods of value, we will quickly work out an amount that can be loaned against those goods.

“We create a One page agreement and then pay cash on the spot!  If you prefer and for larger loans, we can pay into your preferred bank account,” Richard explained. 

“Our standard loan contract is for one month but this can be negotiated to any other time period.”

“Hockit provides an extremely low-interest rate at 5%.”

At just 5% per month, Hockit is the lowest interest rate for any pawnbroker in South Australia. 

Where pawnbrokers compare to other loan schemes such as afterpay is pawnbrokers provide customers with immediate cash that can be spent.

“At Hockit we provide cash loans for any reason, for whatever you want it for and we can also provide much higher amounts, there’s not really an amount that is too high,” said Richard. 

“Most loans are between $500 and $50,000,” he continued.

Unlike Chain pawnbroking groups, Hockit provides a high-end luxury boutique experience!  

“We really are the Pawn Shop reinvented. Many of our customers say that Hockit is the first pawnshop they have ever visited!”

“We specialise in Luxury Goods such as handbags by Chanel, Gucci & Dior and Luxury watch’s by Rolex, Omega and Tag Heuer.

Don’t want a loan but have something you no longer need – Hockit pays cash for Fancy!!!

“In the luxury world, most people go to consignment stores, but what we are finding that is that because we pay a higher rate and specialises in buying luxury goods, people are coming to us as we pay cash right away.” 

Hockit is open Monday – Saturday. 

Hockit is located at 46 Gawler Pl, Adelaide SA 5000

To find out more about Hockit and keep up to date, check out their Facebook page and website.

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