Need To Get Organised? Instagram Sensation Sarah Shanahan Shares Her Quick Tips

And they are so easy!

She doesn’t have 18,000 Instagram followers and call herself a ‘Professional Organiser’ for no reason… She is the master of making things tidy and so naturally we asked Sarah Shanahan to share her tips with us. It went a little something like ‘Give us all of your wisdom, oh wise one!’

And so she did…

Being a ‘Professional Organiser’, minimalist and lover of all things interiors, National Organising Week (the fact that it ends tomorrow is no excuse!) gets me all giddy, inspired and excited! How are your cupboards, drawers, rooms and homes looking lately? A bit cluttered? Well this week is the perfect time to start the process of de cluttering your problem areas in your home. Here are my five quick tips

Start Small A drawer or a cupboard in your home. How’s that junk drawer looking? Grab a waste paper basket and declutter it today! (seriously how many take away menus do you need?)

Ask Yourself Do I love it? Do I need it? Do I use it? And in the wise words of Marie Kondo, does it bring you joy? If no, out it goes!

Get Help Grab a friend (or a Professional Organiser, hint, hint!) to lend a helping hand. An outsider’s point of view to get you started and keep you focused is sometimes all you need. And coffee, always coffee!

Get Zoned Create clear zones in your home. A place for everything and everything in its place, don’t let the zones become blurred, that’s when clutter sneaks in! Kitchens are for kitchen items, studies/offices for paperwork etc.

Keep It Simple Have fun and let it go. Oh and a gorgeous basket or two always helps, you have my permission to purchase a few of my favourites!


Basket Basket Basket

You can purchase them from Ikea, Olliella.com, Freedom and Temple and Webster.

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