Nespresso Collaborates with Leading Eco-Jewellery Designer

South Australian Eco-jewellery designer, Katrina Freene, is one of six sustainable artists and designers who have been challenged with creating an original design made entirely from sustainable materials, including thousands of Nespresso coffee capsules, as part of a new initiative called ‘Project Upcycle.’ Nespresso has commissioned local sustainable designers and artists from around Australia to create the upcycled masterpieces over a 14-day period, to help raise awareness of its recycling initiative.
Katrina Freene, the SA Project Upcycle ambassador, is a well-known Australian contemporary eco-jewellery designer. Katrina is praised for her drive to create work that has integrity in the materials.
“I’m really excited to be working on this project and to be creating a design utilising a variety of sustainable materials, 350 including Nespresso capsules which are aluminium so will be very versatile to work with,” said Katrina. “As a sustainable designer, I use my work as a way of demonstrating considered jewellery can help the environment,” she added.
Katrina FreeneOther Project Upcycle ambassadors around the country include sustainable fashion designers Ellie Mucke (VIC) and Alice Sutton (ACT), Eyewear designers Holloway Eyewear (QLD), environmental artists Sean E Avery (WA) and John Dahlsen (NSW).  All of the artworks will be donated to the artist or designer’s charity of choice after the project.
Nespresso is delighted to be working with such a high calibre of artists and designers for Project Upcycle. It’s our aim to create more awareness amongst our Club Members about the importance of capsule recycling. We are working to increase our capacity to recycle by the end of the year and I believe this initiative will help remind our Club Members of the important part they play in this joint effort,” said Renaud Tinel, General Manager Nespresso Oceania.
Nespresso capsules are made from aluminium, which is an infinitely recyclable material used to preserve the freshness and aromas of Nespresso’s Grand Cru coffees. It guarantees the highest quality coffee in-cup that Nespresso is committed to offer to its Club Members. Recycling points have now been installed in each Nespresso Boutique in Australia and there are plans to expand the program this year.
South Australians are encouraged to track Katrina’s progress online and will have the opportunity to visit her finished design in their local Boutique during August 2013.
For more information on Project Upcycle, go to the Nespresso Facebook page or visit
Please contact the Nespresso Club or visit www.nespresso/ecolaboration for locations of recycling collection points.

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